Rustom Padilla, the Philippine Matinee Idol of the ’90s, admitted on national television that he is gay. Read the full story from Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition.

Butterfly gives Rustom a sign; Keanna heeds the call of nature
Tuesday, February 28, 2006 11:16 PM

Rustom Padilla

While comforting Keanna on her many angst, it was Rustom’s turn to tell his secret. Taking a cue from a butterfly that landed in his hands, Rustom realized that the flying insect signified a new lease on life.

He sighed and then finally asked Keanna, “ Kapag napapalabas na ko sa Sabado ano ang gusto mong itanong sa kin?”

Keanna asked him if he’s happy with his life. “Yes”, came Rustom’s quick reply.

Rustom then coaxed Keanna to ask him since they both agreed that they are already good friends.

“May gusto akong itanong pero baka hindi mo kayang sagutin sa harap ng camera?”, Keanna began and then finally she asked why he broke up with his erstwhile wife, Carmina Villaroel.

“Napaka simple ng dahilan ng break up namin ni Carmina. Nawala lang”, Rustom explained.

“Parang na dead sya, ganun”, Keanna clarified.

“Mahal ko si Carmina. Wala akong ibang hangad kung hindi mag succeed ang marriage naming pero sya lang ang unang naka-realize siguro kung hindi sya nauna baka ako rin eventually.”, Rustom further explained.

“Kung gusto mong itanong kung may ibang dahilan, hindi yun ang dahilan… Dumating ako sa punto sa buhay ko na kinilala kong mabuti ang sarili ko….. May iba ang akong personalidad,”, Rustom volunteered.

He then recounted his sad childhood experience where he once dressed up as a girl and his father beat him up so badly and his lola saved him. He cried while telling Keanna that his very own mother told him to stop crying.

He was at the verge of confiding his big secret when Keanna stood up and kissed him on the cheek and informed him casually that she had to pee. At the next shot, we see Keanna squatting among the palm fronds and relieving herself and a once distraught Rustom, laughing himself silly.

If you really want to know what Rustom’s big secret really is, watch tomorrow’s episode of Pinoy Big Brother at 9 p.m.! You’ll regret it if you miss the next episode!


Rustom: Because I am gay!
Wednesday, March 01, 2006 11:19 PM

In tonight’s much-awaited episode, Rustom tearfully admitted to Keanna that he’s gay.

Yesterday, Rustom revealed that he was physically abused when he dressed in girl’s clothes and that his mother admonished him afterwards. He also revealed that he has always been confused about his sexuality.

“Dumating ako sa punto sa buhay ko na, kinilala kong mabuti ko ang sarili ko…tinanong ko ang sarili ko, bakit kahit anung gawin ko di ako masaya.”, Rustom began his admission.

“Ang tanging worry ko ay maging acceptable sa Diyos…Uung pangalawang linggo natin, di ko mapatawad ang tatay ko, dumating kasi ako sa point na…meron akong ibang personalidad. Kahit anung gusto kong baguhin kahit anung pagsisikap kong tanggalin…narealize ko na…parte ng kabuuan ko bilang tao, siguro yon ang rason kaya di ko makita sa puso ko na mapatawad ang tatay ko.”

Rustom recounts that he felt rage at that time and hears “Bakla, bakla, bakla ang naririnig ko…matagal yon, winawasiwas ka, tapos binubugbog ka, habang nakatingin sa yo ang mga kapatid mo..”

In tears, Rustom tells Keanna that he lived his life in constant fear. He relentlessly faced questions that he could not answer. He could not understand why his father hit him.  Even when he was already married, he was still hounded with his questions. “Pano kung may asawa ka, wala akong dapat i-explain kasi at that time I was confused. Ayoko maging ganun. Sino bang gustong maging ganun… pero mahal ko talaga yung tao…di naging easy yon, pero dumating ang panahon na naghiwalay na kami, kasi parating nasa isip ko yon.”

He disclosed that he went to the States to find himself and to get answers to his questions. In the States, he saw a different culture where gays do not necessarily cross dress; are not effeminate or wear loud make-up and are not screaming gays but in their heart of hearts, they are gays.

Then Rustom drops the bomb, “BECAUSE I AM GAY…!. Ang hirap, kasi hindi ako masamang tao…na malamang gay ako.”

Sympathetic Keanna hugs Rustom tightly while Rustom breaks down. Keanna whispers to Rustom, “Lalo kitang nirespeto Rustom…sa harap ko…Sobrang bilib ako sa yo. Grabe ka…”

Keanna held Rustom for a good thirty minutes and finally tells him, “Sobrang saya ko kasi may tiwala ka sa kin, sa harap ko, thank you Rustom, I love you Rustom.”

The butterfly flutters again and Keanna wisely observes, “Sobrang tapang mo…alam kong hirap kang sabihin ang mga bagay na gusto mong sabihin, ngayong nakapagdesisyon ka na, magpakatotoo ka na lang, kaya time na talaga sabihin kasi ngayon lang tayo binisita ng butterfly.”

And the butterfly flew away while Rustom thanked Keanna and Keanna acknowledged their newly-formed friendship. They both wait for the sunrise that will usher a new day and a new Rustom Padilla.

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