“Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, may gwapong hahabulin.”

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GMA7 ended Encantadia with such a superb finale, which is heading to its prequel (or sequel, it depends on how you look at it) Etheria. Etheria is the most powerful kingdom in Encantadia before. It was defeated by the joined forces of the other 4 kingdoms namely Lireo, Hathoria, Adamya, and Sapiro. But the dead […]

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Goodbye Darna…

All things must come to an end. After 9 months on television, last night was the episode finale of Darna. I just hate how they end the story. First, Darna’s final battle with Valentina was so lame. With just one hit of the red light emitted by her red stone, Valentina fainted and died. Second, […]

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