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Let’s get more serious this time. I was just browsing Youtube for some pinoy independent films trailer and pinoy short films, and I landed on this documentary by Joey Velasco entitled “Sa Kambas ng Lipunan”. Joey is a painter and he painted the Last Supper with a twist, the 12 Apostles became 12 streetchildren. At […]

Bangkok Love Story is a Thai gay romantic crime action drama film starred by Rattaballung Toesawat (Mhek) and Chaiwat Tongsang (It). It is a story of a man who falls in love with a gunman who is assigned to kill him. It offers a different approach compared to any other gay films I’ve seen because […]

I was able to get a copy of this Filipino gay film “Daybreak” starred by Paolo Rivero (William) and Coco Martin (JP). It throws a lot of emotions from the script and acting, allowing the viewers to feel its deeper meaning. An emotional battle within the two characters can be seen throughout the movie, which […]

While I was playing Final Fantasy X-2 on Playstation 2, I was able to watch this cutscene before Chapter 4 ends. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics of the song because it’s in Japanese, but I can feel the emotion it brings.

RAZR Madness!

I was using Motorola RAZR V3x for just 5 months, and died couple of weeks ago. What a short mobile life span. Sigh. Anyway, I got another RAZR… the Motorola RAZR Maxx V6! Almost the same as my old one, but better. I’m loving it! If you want a stylish clamshell with 3G, a good […]

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Movie Review

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I had a chance to watch this film with Rodney last Tuesday. I admit, I’m an avid fan of “Okay Ka, Fairy Ko” since then and never missed an episode or movie of it. This year, the production and writers of this legend expanded the scope of “Enkantasya” kingdom, thus, making it more similar to […]

GMA7 ended Encantadia with such a superb finale, which is heading to its prequel (or sequel, it depends on how you look at it) Etheria. Etheria is the most powerful kingdom in Encantadia before. It was defeated by the joined forces of the other 4 kingdoms namely Lireo, Hathoria, Adamya, and Sapiro. But the dead […]

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Last friday, I went to SM Megamall to watch “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros)” with Rodney, Vench, and Ace. A 12-year old effeminate gay fell in love with his amateur policeman hero who saved him from 2 nasty neighbors. Maxi was caught in between his family and his hero when […]

Goodbye Darna…

All things must come to an end. After 9 months on television, last night was the episode finale of Darna. I just hate how they end the story. First, Darna’s final battle with Valentina was so lame. With just one hit of the red light emitted by her red stone, Valentina fainted and died. Second, […]

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