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Got place?

It’s been more than a month since I moved back to our house in Manila,  and one major disadvantage of it is not having a place for hookups! “Got place?” — This is one of the standard questions I’m getting whenever someone sends me a message at PlanetRomeo (formerly Guys4Men).  For the past two years, […]

Circles and Chains

I met this Beachbum Guy in Puerto Galera with his friend Smart-looking Guy last April. Apparently, I became Beachbum Guy’s nurse during that night. He was so drunk and threw up many times. Hehe. Two weeks after, I met this Dog Tag Guy through my old friend Spinner Guy. And surprisingly, Beachbum Guy met Dog […]

And I replied, “Yes, I Do!” Haha! Just kidding. I’ve watched this movie with Rodney last Friday at Eastwood Cinema 2, 11:00PM LFS. We were actually planning to watch it at 7:35PM slot, but to our dismay, sold out. Tried 9:30PM and 10:15PM, both sold out! Waaaaah! So we had no choice then, we took […]