“Aanhin mo pa ang condom kung pareho kayong bottom.”

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The Paperweight

I had this weird dream yesterday morning… I bought this magical paperweight. When you hold it, it will show your personal details like name, strength meter, height, weight, current job, status, and many others. And surprisingly, it was telling me that I’m “TAKEN” but I’m currently single. I finally woke up. I tried to analyze […]

Bear Cuddler and I broke up two days ago because of different ideas and views in life. I don’t want to expound too much. But long story short, he has a lot of responsibilities to his family and he is determined to follow his sister in the United States. That makes me just the second […]

During my senior year in college, I accidentally met Bear Cuddler along Pedro Gil, just a few meters away from our house. We stared into each other’s angelic eyes followed by exchanging numbers. After dating for two weeks, we call it a relationship. Though we had not so good memories, I still do cherish every […]