“Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, may gwapong hahabulin.”

I hate it! Grrrr…

I hate it when someone always doubts you! I hate it when someone is unfair on you! I hate it when someone strangles you tight! I hate it when someone doesn’t trust you at all! And I hate to know that this someone happens to be the person I truly love!

I just hate it! Damn!

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7 Comments to “ I hate it! Grrrr… ”

  1. I understand your sentiment. A long-distance relationship is a bitch.

    It’s way harder when you are the one who left. From experience, I’d rather be left behind than be the one who does the leaving.

    Jealousies, mistrusts, they’re all part of it. I sure hope you two will get past these. I’ve been a fan of your relationship for months now. What you have is too good to let it go down the drain.

    Besides you have fans! Don’t let us down :o)

  2. arnold

    Its true that its irritating when someone doubts you but please understand that this is so because he was uncertain or he simply doesnt know. When someone is unfair,this is not acceptable but maybe, just maybe he missed this out,sometimes you dont think for two, nobody’s perfect and being his partner,its your duty to enlighten him,bring up the issue and lay down cards. Strangled, tightly, of course, i agree,nobody wants this, no living thing would wanted to be strangled but who in the right mind will do this?, i think thats not the intention. Someone dont trust you, the fact that he left and you allow him;with agreement, understanding and commitment only shows you guys trust each other. He’s the person you love…and i bet you are the person he love too..so guys…chill out…wala ako kinakampihan, just expressing my thoughts also in the issue, nde ko rin intention makialam…. continue loving each other….i still look up sa inyo ….to your relationship…

  3. Arnold

    when lovers are apart,duda always come in. Last night, this duda visited me and woke up the sleeping dragon in me. I didnt buy my baby’s reasons and assumed those were just alibi.Comfronted him and we both loose our temper.Lucky for me,hes not the walk-out or “manigas ka dyan,its your fault” type. He came to my place and told me he was so mad at me and that i was so unfair and so untrusting… His visit gave me an opportunity to say sorry and make-up. So, we end up ok. He questioned me beign such a duda FREAK, and requested for it not to happen again….i said yes….but honestly….im the thinking type, i give reasons to everything, and if these things dont jive…the dragon’s eye raised…….i believe trust is something earned but can always be lost….anytime….

  4. Well, dear friend, that’s part of the “long-distance relationships” package. I mean you can’t blame him for doubting you once in a while coz you’re apart from each other. In long-distance relationships, you can’t help thinking on what’s happening with your partner, especially if you don’t communicate that often. But think of it this way, it’s a good thing that he doubts you coz that only means he misses you. Just don’t let it happen too often coz that’s kinda freaky. hehehe tekker!!!!

  5. take a deep breath.. maybe you only know part of the truth.. maybe he have a reason.. be patient man.. take a deep breath… he’ll explain when he’s ready. show him you’re understanding.. loving.. considerate… patient person… hehehe.. cheer up kuya..

  6. In any long distance relationship, both parties should have three things: trust, patience and faith. Trust that even when you are both apart, your hearts belong to one another. Patience, because there will always be doubts, and both of you should be patient enough to understand that this happens because your love one another and don’t want to lose each other. Faith, particularly in one another, because if you’re physically apart, this is the best thing that can keep you together.

    If you have enough of these three, no time apart or distance between can come between you and the one you love.

  7. There is a saying that if you hold a bird too tightly, it will try to fly away. But if you hold it just right, even if it flies away, it will surely come back.

    Not too be too corny, but take a bar of soap for instance, if you hold it real tight, it will slip away, but if you hold it just right, it will stay in your hands.

    We all feel jealous, it’s a human trait. But if we really, really love a person, we have to trust them unconditionally. We often hear of relationships that end because of too much jealousies and mistrusts, but we don’t often hear relationships that end because of too much trust or too much freedom. The thing is, if somebody gonna be unfaithful to you, no amount of strangulation will keep him by your side. So why limit his freedom? If a person loves you, he’ll stay with you even if he’s not in a ball and chain.

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