“Walang baklang pangit sa lalaking gipit!”

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Last December 10, 2005, after 111 days of waiting for whose gonna be the Big Winner, it has been decided by the people through text votes that Jenneviv “Nene” Tamayo is the deserving one. Congrats Nene!

After work. Leaned back. Relaxed. Took a deep breath. Surfed to the max! Haha! Since it’s only Day 3 of Pinoy Big Brother, I visit their official website regularly. Click here, Click there. Read the forums and posted some. Then there’s a Video section where you can watch the live stream. Unfortunately, it’s not for […]

I guess you all heard about Pinoy Big Brother. And yes, I tried to get in but unfortunately I didn’t make it. I can still remember the exact date. It was June 24, 2005. Before going to the audition venue, Rodney and I went to Fitness First ABS-CBN to take a shower and groom ourselves. […]