“Ang tumatakbo ng matulin, may gwapong hahabulin.”

Deadly Seven Pesos

Last week, I went to the gym after work, just my usual workout routine. I got so tired then so I decided to go home. I usually take Washington jeepney to Export Bank Plaza, and from there, take Mantrade jeepney to Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium.

I waved my hand to this Washington jeepney driver for him to see that I need a ride. I sat beside him (front seat). I had my earplugs on and very busy jamming with my cellphone, that I unintentionally forgot to pay for the fare. We reached Export Bank Plaza just a few minutes after, so it’s time for me to get off the jeepney. While I was walking along Pasong Tamo floating like an air, a jeepney cut me off, not recognizing that it was the same Washington jeepney I hitched in. The jeepney stopped, so I continued crossing the street. And suddenly, he moved his jeepney towards me on purpose! I felt a painful pressure on my left foot.

Me: What is your problem?!?!?
Driver: You didn’t pay for the fare!
Me: Ok, sorry! But you don’t have to hit me just for PHP7.00!
Driver: You’re so busy with your cellphone!
Me: Here is your PHP7.00! Eat those!

I admit that it was really my fault that I forgot to pay, but I don’t deserve to die just because of PHP7.00! Argh! My left foot was suffering for three days, but it’s bearable, I can still walk normally. I was very thankful that going to the hospital wasn’t necessary. Whew!

Now I know that seven pesos can also kill.

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8 Comments to “ Deadly Seven Pesos ”

  1. That was rude! Jeepney drivers today tend to have this really rude attitudes.

  2. Ma. Neilaidaj

    seven pesos it is. 🙂 miss you!

  3. doNiL

    stupid diver he never thought of going behind the bars if you were accidentally hit with strong force.

  4. hara

    sosyal, english-speaking ang magaling na friver 🙂

  5. whahahahahaha!!! syempre translated na yun 🙂

  6. hara

    joke lang 😀

  7. marvin

    not only Php 7.00 can kill but also Php 1.00… i also have a bad experienced with stupid driver i really mean STUPID! cursed those STUPID and LUNATIC JEEPney drivers……

  8. you’ve got to understand them.
    i mean, lalo na pag jeepney drivers.
    sa isang araw, ilan ba ang nagiging pasahero nila?
    ilan ang hindi nagbabayad at kulang ang ibinabayad?
    magkano ang gasolina?
    meron pang boundary something at, mahal ang bilihin ^^
    magkano na lang yung natitira sa kanila?
    mahalaga bawat piso noh.
    hahaha. talagang naglecture-kuno pa ako 😀

  9. dhom25

    That’s Philippines to you 😛 I wonder how those jeepney driver’s ever got their licenses.

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