“Wala nang hihigit pa sa malansang isda, kundi ang isang balahurang bakla.”

Moved Out, Moved In

My Mom and I had a terrible fight last month. So I decided to move out from our house and moved in to my bestfriend’s place in Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium, just a few steps away from our Alma Mater. Actually, I was really planning to move out sooner or later and experience the life of being a bachelor. But I don’t want it this way, leaving our house with such emotional baggage.

At first, I thought it would be that easy for me to adjust, but it’s not. I have sleepless nights and usually ended up crying. I miss our house and my family, especially my brother Marvin. I’ve had been sharing the room with him for years, and he is the one that I can comfortably talk with in the family regarding my sexuality, angsts, and opinions.

I’m also having a hard time coping with this self-governing life. Of course, there are things now I have to look onto… the rent, utilities, laundry, and food. At home, the food is ready and I can eat right away. And I just have to put my used clothes in the laundry basket and after a day or two, they’re in my closet again. But now, I have to cook first before I can eat, and I have to pay for laundry services every now and then.

I can really say now that life ain’t easy.

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8 Comments to “ Moved Out, Moved In ”

  1. Hey Martin.. life ain’t easy yeah? hehehe.. you soo used to be pampered. Now you got to do it on your own. How we appreciate the things that was insignificant… its not that bad buddy… get used to it!

    Wish you all the best!

  2. You need time to get used to being on your own. It’s not really a bad thing, because you need to learn these things sooner or later. But do not forget about your family, they are still the closest people who will always look out for you when you have troubles. Hope things go well with you and your Mom. 🙂

  3. bear cuddler

    i’ve known you as someone who always stick to decisions..when you say that’s it, it’s final..& no one & nothing can make you change your mind. that’s one thing i’ve admired you for.

    & now you have to face all the consequences of that decision..it may be hard for you to adjust but i know you..you are tough enough to surpass these things ahead of you..but then, when you feel like your strength seems to fade, you need not worry my dear, you have a number of friends & acquaintances to run to..count me in.. no second thoughts,we’ll come to the rescue.. just scream… & whooossshhhh.. faster than a speeding bullet.. in a blink of an eye.. Nandiyan agad kami sa tabi mo.. (justice league ang drama noh… hehehe…)
    but seriously, it’s a challenge for you to prove to them that you’re the new & improved Martin Gonzales.. independent, strong, and still.. will remain horny…
    lov u po.. hehehehe…

  4. bear cuddler

    be strong mart..
    we are here for you..
    prove to them that you are a new martin gonzales..
    tough, independent .. but still horny..

  5. arn arn


  6. I moved out when i was 17 and I moved out because I wanted to learn how to be independent. It’s hard but there would be rewards in the end. For one it will definitely make you stronger. Hang in there, I know you’ll make it.

  7. doNiL

    I’m all alone here in Makati and It’s nice to be alone. You will learn a lot of things in life and have more matured realizations and you tend to set your goals and priorities. But sometimes it’s too difficult especially when you are the one financially managing yourself form head to toe. Please go back to your mom and apologize, mothers will always be our mother and they are the first person who will understand us. Wish you good luck and best living by yourself.

  8. it is convenient to live in a Condominium if you are in a big city but i like big lawns and backyard gardens.;;’

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