“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, bading din pala ang iyong karelasyon.”

I am Changing

For how many years now, I was really looking for a serious relationship. Yes, I was. I actually don’t know why, but I have this feeling now that I’m happy being single. Whenever I meet guys, I’m not thinking of committing myself to anyone of them anymore. They usually end up as dates, friends with benefits, or the one night only thing.

This is not me. Definitely not. The Martin I know knows how to love, and believes that there’s this someone that will be staying by his side forever no matter what. Sigh.

I am changing. I want my old self back.

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6 Comments to “ I am Changing ”

  1. Ma. Neilaidaj

    emo? hehehe

  2. Hey Martin. Don’t worry. You are not changing. Deep down inside, you’re the same loving person who wants to have a lasting relationship, a forever. What you’re feeling right now is yourself creating a “defense mechanism.” You can’t blame yourself. For the past few months, you’ve been meeting guys who didn’t want the same thing as you (an exclusive relationship). What you’re feeling right now is a way to protect your feelings so you won’t expect too much out of them. One day, someone will come along who will love you and only you, and it will be forever, and then you can look back at this blog post and tell yourself, “I have been here all along. The old Martin has never left.” :o)

  3. It’s just a phase I guess. Still looking or searching. That’s a good thing. Nice blog.

  4. Still searching. Looking. Nice post. I actually feel the same way… sometimes at least.

  5. Arn

    Hi,kapatid. Im sorry things are really different now,with you,with me,with the barkada.Haaay….as one of our ex-barkada said, “move-on”….about your case, i think u r still the martin that we used to know. the person who goes for serious/real relationship. Its just that the people you’ve met lately is on different paradigm.We all know that it takes 2 to tango…. I know one day you will find a person not perfect but just fine.Ur not naman choosy,i know that..hehehehe.Maybe contributing factor din eh from what place are these people you’ve meeting from…but not to discriminate din kasi we cannot generalize naman..sabi nga nila, sa putik may diamond…sa basura may pera…hehehehe

  6. Arn, well, ganun lang siguro talaga… but now i’m trying to bring back my old self na… with the help of someone… sana nga mag progress talaga… hehehe 🙂

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