“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, bading din pala ang iyong karelasyon.”

I had a steamy casual encounter a week ago with this guy from the city of Peewee Trinidad.

It was a Sunday, and my Sundays are devoted to nothing else but working out. So I went to Fitness First RSC and attended Lar’s Body Jam and Patrick’s Cosmic Cycling classes. I went to Glorietta after and bought me a new waist wrap. My old one just retired after 8 months of intensive workout sessions. It was the sole witness to all my cardio overloading activities to slim down. Couldn’t be any prouder of the results. Imagine, from 160lbs I’m now down to 128lbs now. Whew!

Meeting him that night was totally unplanned… but since I’ve nowhere to go, I agreed. He is a witty, charming, innocent-looking, somewhat hairy guy… just my type. We made out like we’re a couple. I felt right away that it’s different from any other hook-ups I had. I can sense that in some way he also likes me, but is trying so hard to send me a message: he just isn’t into relationships… ahhh the proverbial ‘no strings’ kind-of-guy.

Anyway, he then again invited me to come over his place last Thursday. So I did, after my work. He was watching an episode of Desperate Housewives on DVD when I arrived. I’m not quite sure how it started, but somewhere between the desperate and the wives were a series of hot, steamy cuddling, hugging, tickling, and endless kissing, etc. Damn it was good.

Around 10:00 that night he told me that he needed to get dressed and leave for a friend’s birthday celebration at Government. I was so surprised to find out that the birthday celebrant’s name’s Drake. I mean, haller! I’ve known Drake since I was 19 years old! Small world, huh! So he then tried to contact the birthday boy and asked if he could add “Martin Gonzales” in his guestlist. Apparently, I was already in the list even though I didn’t make any confirmations about attending.

And we’re off to the party!

We stopped over to have dinner at Wendy’s, and then straight ahead to Government and looked for Drake as soon as we landed. Drake started towards us and even a few meters away, I already saw this silly smile on his face, as if asking “Why are you two together? How come?” Hard to explain as it may be, I just smiled back without saying anything. Mystery is a good thing. Hehe!

We decided to hit the dancefloor… errr… the cage, I mean! And we were on it all night long! Haha!

After all that partying, we went back to his place and I got myself a two-hour nap before heading on to work. Needless to say, I was so sleepy the whole day! Well, I did manage to stay awake for a few moments during the day, particularly when we were chatting. He gave me his Multiply blogsite, which can be viewed only by his friends in the same site. I guess he felt safe to give me his virtual shrine. Well, what do you know… I have been added to his Multiply list long before we even met. I found and read everything he posted about me. Now he can’t deny because his secret is out and busted… he’s sooo into me too.

It’s been three days straight of sleeping over at his place for me. And just yesterday, we are offically in a committed relationship. Too soon? Nah! I don’t care. Time is not a guarantee for a better relationship. Agree? Doesn’t matter… we’re together and its all that matters now.

I hope I’ve finally found what I’ve been looking for.

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7 Comments to “ When a casual encounter gets serious… ”

  1. hmmmm sino kaya yun?

  2. eon

    Good Luck!

    God Bless!

    I’m hoping for the best!



    pakumusta naman kay henry. =)

  3. i’m happy for you martin!!! best wishes for both of you!!!

    btw. i started blogging again after month-long of being somnolent. =)

  4. Eon: Thanks! hehehe! cge i’ll tell henry. Hope to see you again at Government. 😀
    Allan: Thanks! Nice to hear you’re blogging again… 🙂
    rcbc: tama bang building ko pa ang gamitin na name? hehehe! as if you don’t know… hindi ba ikaw? hahaha! muah! 😛

  5. arnold

    Correct, Time is no assurance. Its all up to you guys.Its a matter of choice, in or out, deal or no deal..hehehehe – kapuso pa rin..pahiram lang…

  6. Fil

    Its so nice to know that you are happy. Just take care of yourself. Trust that everythings going to be okay. God bless the both of you.


  7. a relationgship build in a steamy nights… well its for both of you to work on..

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