The Paperweight

I had this weird dream yesterday morning…

I bought this magical paperweight. When you hold it, it will show your personal details like name, strength meter, height, weight, current job, status, and many others. And surprisingly, it was telling me that I’m “TAKEN” but I’m currently single. I finally woke up.

I tried to analyze my dream and it was Bear Cuddler who came first into my mind. I didn’t know I’m still carrying that baggage after 5 months of being single. I’m still not over him. Damn.

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5 Comments to “ The Paperweight ”

  1. Vince

    Taking time to heal? 🙂

  2. Vince: Yeah, I tried to be over him but I guess I tried not enough. But I’m getting there. Hopefully the soonest. Sigh.

  3. arn arn

    hi,there. hmmmm…bear cuddler is bespren right? from what we saw the last time that we are all together….its evident that you are still attached to the person…and bes of yours didnt mind and compared to the 2nd last meeting with you and him in the group, where hes passive with you, the last time,near falling na naman kayo….. but i thin at this time, you need to use your head atop your heart…as said, our hearts have no brains. You’ve tried Nth time….love ko rin naman si bes mo kaso there are things talaga dapat nating tanggapin…if we like has to come from ourself first….walang madali…sabi nga ni Maricel..masakit sa simula…pero eventually mararamdaman mo rin ang sarap after….parang iba ang dating di ba? hehehehehe…mwah to friends…

  4. Arn, yeah… though we can consider ourselves now as bestfriends, I can say that a part of me still loves Bear Cuddler, even if it looks like I’ve move on… and I think there’s no more 3rd time, but who knows… But for now, I am trying to date some guys one at a time… and maybe sooner or later I’ll find the person I can stay forever with… Sigh… thanks my friend… muah!

  5. arn arn

    Hi,ulet. Eto…malungkot pa rin….napapalimit internet ko kasi nga lonely ako….sabi nga nila, dont rely your happiness to another person or boy…you’ll be in trouble..i guess that’s for us…..

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