Pick Me Up Buttercup

Last March 31, 2007, It was Henry Lim’s (bar owner) birthday celebration at Government dubbed “Mother Wears Prada”. Me together with Arnold, Ferdie, Franciz, and Nephi planned to attend this big event. We were supposed to meet at McDonalds Pasong Tamo around 11:00PM. But surprisingly, I wasn’t able to get a cab, all with passengers, considering it’s already late… and heavy traffic. Gosh!

Anyway, upon waiting for an empty cab, a car pulled over before me. The window opened slowly and saw this cute guy with nice eyes and stubble hair. Let’s call him “Buttercup”.

Buttercup: Hey, are you going to Malate?
Me: Uhm, no, not really, I’ll be going to Government.
Buttercup: Oh ok. Thought we’re heading the same way and can offer you a ride.
Me: Thanks. But I’ll be out of your way…
Buttercup: Alright. Bye.

His car started to move forward. I hate it. I didn’t even get his number. Stupid me. But… I saw his car moving backwards and trying to get back where I am.

Me: Thought you’ll be going to Malate?
Buttercup: Get in…
Me: Government?
Buttercup: Yeah, I’ll drop you by there.
Me: Really? Thanks!

We went to McDonalds Pasong Tamo to fetch my friends and then he dropped us by at Government. This time, I got his number before going out of his car. Whew!

Going back to Mother’s Birthday bash, we didn’t make it inside… super mega long line! Argh! We decided to chill out at W.G. Diner, just two blocks away from Government. After a few hours, we went to Synders Malate. I was able to meet Buttercup again with his friends. But we never had moments together since we were with our own group of friends.

Anyway, after Synders, Me and my friends went to Starbucks Adriatico and had some talk about relationship and stuffs. Then we continued at Tapa King Harbor View for breakfast. Imagine, we went home at around 9:00AM already! What a long night!

The following night, Franciz and Nephi sorta organized a drinking session at my place. Franciz invited his three former officemates from PeopleSupport, and of course, I invited Buttercup too. I was so happy when he came. So we were seven then.

The PeopleSupport people decided to call it a night at around 2:00AM, leaving us four in the room. Before we catch a short nap, Buttercup and I had some moments of kissing. Hehe. He went home at 4:30AM.

After that, I seldom receive a text message from him, or will reply after like 24 hours. So I didn’t make any much effort since then. It seems he’s not that interested in me.

But last Monday, I received a message from him asking me if I like him or not. I said I really do, but I don’t think he likes me too. He said he was just busy that time, and I wasn’t asking him out either. Anyway, the conversation went on and we had set a date last night at Greenbelt 3.

We had dinner at Kitchen and went to Krocodile Grill for a shot of Kurant 7. He drove me home at around 11:30PM. We kissed before going out of his car.

I really enjoyed the night with him. Though it was not a typical guy-to-guy date (Sex after date, I mean. Haha.), I had so much fun. I’m hoping it will not end here and would want to take this to the next level.

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2 Comments to “ Pick Me Up Buttercup ”

  1. So… what’s happened? Its been more than a month since…

  2. Arn

    a lot happened….it progressed but did not reached the finish line…Y? its not that they didnt try their best, both are running,the problem is which line are they running for or only one wanted to cut the line and finish the race…the other…just want to run and run and run…..hehehehe…just my opinion….

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