Bear Cuddler and I broke up two days ago because of different ideas and views in life. I don’t want to expound too much. But long story short, he has a lot of responsibilities to his family and he is determined to follow his sister in the United States. That makes me just the second priority. Still, I’ve tried my best to have him back, but to no avail.

He wanted to bring back the friendship we had before our second chance. But I really can’t… I won’t be able to move on if I still constantly communicate with him. I have to alienate myself first and time will tell when I can comfortably talk to him and regain our friendship.

The saddest part is he didn’t fight for our love and he can afford to lose me that easily. Sigh.

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10 Comments to “ Bear Cuddler No More ”

  1. Braven

    i agree with you. do whatever you want to help you move on. then, consider friendship once you are totally healed. done that several times… hehehe… u r beautiful martin…

    i like your last line… go gurl!!!

  2. Yeah. I’m getting there… just keeping myself busy with work, gym, and friends. Thanks Braven!

  3. awwww… i remember i was just talking (well, messaging) to you just last week at G4M. Tst tst tst…

    Hurrah sa lahat ng singles…


  4. Bear Cuddler


  5. arn-arn

    Haaay..saksi na naman ako…anyway, theres more than one reason why you guys broke up…bottomline,you are right, he didnt fight for the love he claims he have for you….argggghh..ansakit…..

    …dito lang kami friends mo….ok lang na inaabot na tayo ng 8am ngayon sa pagkukuwentuhan lang….at syempre, okrayan, specially dun sa mga kaibigan natin at has beens na nde present…bwahahahahaha…

  6. arn-arn

    Gusto ko sana manghinayang, pero sa dami din ng pinagdaanan ko…alam kong nde na dapat ginagamit yung word na yun.

    ang sasabihin ko na lang……… Damn, pipila na naman ang suitor mo kapatid…..and i hope you find the person na nde ka iiwan sa ere, papaniwalain sa kung ano ano at sana, matagpuan mo na yung taong magbibigay sa iyo ng importansya at pagpapahalagang talaga namang deserve mo……. Good Luck Shredder…..

  7. max

    you should be happy for him that he was able to make that choice. if he loved you, it was as painful for him as it was for you.

  8. arn arn

    What is Max talking about? maybe he didn’t understand the real situation…

  9. Bear Cuddler

    c”,) i agree with max

  10. yhod

    when i got the chance to check his blog, i really was impressed. the words are correctly chosen to express the emotions as vivid as you are actually with him when the events unfolded. the emotions are real…and i know because I had the chance to know this guy. i did not see this particular event of his life coming too soon. i was just amazed when the news broke up. Bear cuddler no more…Martin and Marvin show has finally come to an end! better luck next time…try something new.

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