“Aanhin mo pa ang condom kung pareho kayong bottom.”

I’ve been dating this guy who looks like David Archuleta for more than a month. Let’s call him D.A. I met him a year ago through a social networking site, but that just it. We never talked about something deeper, or even plan to go on a date. Months passed by, then I constantly see him at Club Government where I usually hang out. Hi and Hello. Chitchat. Just that.

Then last November 29, 2008, I went to Trance Alliance event at A.Venue with my friends. But since it was only 10:30PM and too early for the event, we had a detour first at W.G. Diner and had a beer or two.

I saw D.A. walking across, and asked him if he will be attending the event, and said yes. Since he was alone, we tagged him along. My friends were having fun interviewing D.A. and somehow, it was diverted to a dare… if D.A. and I can kiss infront of them without malice. Then we did. It all started there.

After that dare scene, around 12:30am, we all went to A.Venue and enjoyed the party. I can say that it was the best trance party in Manila for 2008. At around 4:30AM, we went to Club Government to have an after party. D.A. was with his friends already that time. At around 5:30AM, My friends and I decided to go to my friend’s pad and had a drinking session. D.A. and I were exchanging text messages, talking about that kiss. He admitted that he felt something with it, that he wanted to go out with me. I invited him to join our drinking session.

In all honesty, I like D.A. the first time we met. But I wasn’t ready yet for any relationship that time and was happy being single. So, I agreed to go out with him. And yes, just last Saturday, January 10, 2009, we are officially together. We had a romantic dinner at Manila Hotel Cowrie Grill. I ordered Grilled salmon and Lapu-lapu while he had Lamb Steak. Food was perfect, but we were shocked that the sparkling water we had was P300 each. Gosh! Anyway, since it was already late, we went to Club Government and witnessed the soft-launch of the newest resident-DJ Funk Avy. We went home at around 4:30AM since we were tired and groggy. We rested for a while and continued the party at my place with my friends.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for the longest time. I was single for almost 2 years. And now, I can truly say that I’m ready to take the chances with D.A.

I love him very, very, very much.

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  1. happy for you martin! luv yah both!

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