“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, bading din pala ang iyong karelasyon.”

Our company moved to a smaller office space at the same building and floor last Friday. I was really lucky to have my desk just right before the glass window. It is emphatically good to start each day glancing at the splendid panoramic view of Metro Manila.

The splendid panoramic view of Metro Manila

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7 Comments to “ “I can show you the world… shining, shimmering, splendid…” ”

  1. Arnold


  2. Looks familiar. Is this RCBC Plaza or GT Tower? Is it within the same area? The surrounding buildings look like they’re in Dela Costa St. Heck, it looks a lot like the view from my old office, too.

  3. You got it dazed… RCBC Plaza. 😀

  4. Kravz

    What a lucky guy! 🙂

  5. dax

    wow.. that’s hmmm scenic.. 😉 hmm what about the smogs? do they waves hi at u kuya?

  6. nice… i hope i could go back to my previous cube location (near the glass window) here in UBP-ortigas… won’t hang-back twice and definitely grab it if i was offered to me… link exchange?

  7. Allan, I already linked you up… 😉

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