Part I – White Party (December 29, 2005)

CircuitAsia's White Party

Since it’s the last GLBT event of the year, Rodney and I decided to go. We went to World Trade Center at around 1:30AM. The ticket is only P100.00, but on the contrary, their drinks are very costly. Imagine, P100 for a bottle of mineral water, P50 for softdrinks in can and P100 for a glass of ice tea, not bottomless take note.

I’ve seen familiar faces specifically some Bedan party goers, MaNSoCieTY peeps, and my online friend Brian Keith. I really like the Airdance presentation, i’ts like watching Regine Velasquez fly with her butterfly wings as she sings her rendition of the song “On The Wings Of Love”. We left the place at around 4:00AM.

Part II – Amateur Models (December 30, 2005)

Arnold and Henry invited us to join their studio pictorial at Great Image in SM Manila. No biggie, it was just for keeps. Flowery background is the best choice, isn’t it? Hehe.

Arnold, Henry, Me, Rodney
Arnold, Rodney, Me, Henry
Rodney, Arnold, Henry, Me

Part III – Waste Disposal (December 31, 2005)

Since it’s the last day of the year, my brother and I decided to clean our room and rearrange some furnitures. It took us almost half day to finish this task. Tiring but rewarding.

Part IV – New Year’s Eve

It’s only an hour and a half before I had the chance to prepare for the eve. While our neighbors have all sorts of fireworks, we just had confetti poppers. It was a safer way of celebrating the coming of the new year.

Part V – New Year’s Day at Mausoleum

Yes, it’s now our family custom to spend few hours at Mausoleum on special occasions. We prayed for their souls and feasted the left-overs from our Medya Noche.

Part VI – Exodus: Tales of the Enchanted Kingdom

Arnold, Henry, Terence, Rodney and I watched the movie Exodus. Their special visual effects are close enough to what international fantasy movies have. But I find the plot superficial. It may seem to be the lighter version of Lord of the Rings. They have less fighting scenes and not so good stunt choreography. With such visual effects, I can still say that this local film is worth watching.

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2 Comments to “ Farewell 2005… Welcome 2006! ”

  1. Henry’s really cute. Too bad he’s not interested in me anymore. although he really does kiss sweetly. =)

    The visual effects of Exodus was done by a visual effects team where my friend is a part of. The only reason i watched Exodus was to see the effects done by said friend. i agree with you, the story was soo superficial.

  2. nice pictures and I guess the white party was a blast!

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