“Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.”

I had a chance to watch this film with Rodney last Tuesday. I admit, I’m an avid fan of “Okay Ka, Fairy Ko” since then and never missed an episode or movie of it.

This year, the production and writers of this legend expanded the scope of “Enkantasya” kingdom, thus, making it more similar to Encantadia. Enkantasya today is being ruled by 3 sisters namely Ina Magenta (Alice Dixon), Ina Verde (Melanie Marquez), and Ina Azul (Toni Rose Gayda). Being the eldest, Ina Magenta assumed to reign the whole kingdom. But at the end of the story, it has been revealed that their wicked enemy Satana (Bing Loyzaga) is actually their long lost sister Amarillo. Isn’t it like Pirena in Encantadia?

To protect Enkantasya against Satana, they need to have the medallion which was divided into 4 parts. Ina Magenta holds a part, but the other 3 were missing. Uhm, apat na brilyante in Encantadia?

Even though it seems they copied the concept of Encantadia, it was for the betterment of this legendary TV series.

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