Body Jam

Just to give a background, I am very much addicted to Les Mills Body Jam ever since I joined Fitness First Club. They recently launched Body Jam 36.

Together with Arnold, Henry, Rey, Jim and Brad, we went to Synders Malate 2 weeks ago and sang our favorite Videoke hits to death. We called it a night after almost 3 hours of nonstop vocalizing. While on our way to Henry’s car, I was doing the new moves of the fitness program. But suddenly, I saw a very familiar face from the gym… it was Peejay! The Body Jam Instructor! What a shame! He smilingly told me, “Kailangan talagang mag-Jam sa Malate?” Haha! Go Body Jam!

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4 Comments to “ BODY JAMalate ”

  1. pnf

    talk about wrong place, wrong time. hahaha…

  2. arnold

    hehehe…kahiya talaga! buti na lang nde kami nakisabay that time……

  3. body jam? is it good?

    just got back from davao and pics are in my blog in case you want to travel to the land of promise soon.

  4. ken

    yeah, body jam rocks!! though sabi nung mga nakilala ko sa FF eh hindi daw challenging yung program 36, hindi na tuloy ako makapaghintay sa next programs.

    cross left, cross right, step back, step back
    and wave, and wave, and pump pump pump pump
    creepwalk and shake
    creepwalk and shake
    lean back, lean back, and turn around
    swing those arms and turn and one two one drop
    and one two bump bump jump
    and kick, kick and one and jump
    single single doubles
    single single doubles
    and one two three four…turn around

    fly me to the moon
    and let me play along the stars, wahehehehehe…

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