“Aanhin mo pa ang condom kung pareho kayong bottom.”

Let’s Fix It

I went to Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) this morning to apply for a Philippine Passport and have my papers authenticated. There were sign boards saying, “Beware of Fixers”. Yeah, I know. You could see them in almost all goverment offices in the country. They charge each “victim” more than 200% of the amount needed for the transaction. In return, the “victim” can have the luxury of sitting while waiting for their documents in just an hour. While others need to fall in line, wait for hours, and be a dupe of their bureaucratic procedure.

While I’m heading to the DFA Passport Application area (Along Pasay Libertad), someone approached me asking questions regarding the application procedures. Since he was holding his application form, I thought he was just an applicant like me. But to my surprise, he guided me to a travel agency. Shoot, this guy’s a fixer. He asked me to come in. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to commit with this fixer. Yes, I let myself to be his “victim”.

Oh well, the good part was I’m done with my passport for just an hour, though I have to wait for 1 week for its release.

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3 Comments to “ Let’s Fix It ”

  1. arnold

    its really odd that despite the warning, visibly, u can see the “fixers” and one need not to be a trained inspector to know that they really are operating an illegal transactions. Its not safe to talk to any people in DFA, as martin have experienced, you were deceived,though it went fine the gesture or way of getting clients is still deceitful.went fine? you havent got your passport yet…..My agency, the one that processed my passport is a travelling agency, an accredited one. I trusted them my passport as they are accredited,that i made sure. I think yun ang kulang sa nangyari sayo mart….lets just hope they are for real and wont charge you of anything else once THEY have your passport.

    My officemate became a victim also, on the entrance gate, there are people who wears ID, you will have the impression that they are legal employees or accredited personnel stationed to assist applicants. They checked the requirements and my officemate was told she got the wrong ID specification. She cant believe coz she had it taken and developed in a studio..passport size, how can it be wrong….still, the “inspector” says it will not be accepted, she was brought to “mini-studio” where her picture was taken, i think double ang price…only to find out, ok naman pala yung picture nya at nde employee yung kumausap sa kanya…..at kung mali nga ang picture na dala mo, may studio sa loob for a cheap price….rule..dont talk to anybody,specially those outside the perimeter of DFA….

  2. pnf

    haha, i just read a comment u made on me grabbing a picture from ur blog. i never got to thank u again for that. haha, i was supposed to tag but things look kinda serious there. hope everything’s fine.

    anyways, i just updated my layout and i was wondering if u wanted to exchange links. 😀 hollaback.

  3. Just an update, I already got my authentication papers and passport last week! 😀

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