“Walang baklang pangit sa lalaking gipit!”

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Uma Khouny

I guess you all heard about Pinoy Big Brother. And yes, I tried to get in but unfortunately I didn’t make it. I can still remember the exact date. It was June 24, 2005.

Before going to the audition venue, Rodney and I went to Fitness First ABS-CBN to take a shower and groom ourselves. It was held at the ASAP studio. It was kinda small, though looks bigger on screen.

In group of 10’s, Director Laurenti Dyogi asked us to introduce ourselves one by one. But alas, after we’re done with our blahs, we heard him say “Thank you guys.” Sigh. That was the feeling of how being rejected. Anyway, Rodney and I moved on and went home.

Rico Barrera

And now, we already knew the 12 lucky people who are chosen to be the housemates. If I only did a good job, I should be one of them. Anyway, among these 12 housemates, I really like these two to win:

Uma – A half-Israeli half-Filipino boy next door type. My gaydar feels that he is a queer. Considering that he wore a purple shirt with gay color stripes in his photoshoot, plus, he wore a sweat band while chitchatting with the other housemates. Do you still think he’s straight? Hehe!

Rico – The hunkiest, hottiest, sexiest housemate. I love his body. Haha!

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4 Comments to “ Wanna be their housemate? ”

  1. uma is indeed one of us

  2. hai i dont have anything to say,so i hope i can join u all…so that all k..bye

  3. u so!!!!!!!!cute talaga rico call me if u need some kiss…………………..! call me at 750 9623 Im from l.a call me ! WHERE U AT MY BABY

  4. heloo….d ol of dem wer cute pro mas cute cguro c kuya……ho is he nga ba???i wnt 2 knw his real identity….by the way mas gus2 ko c Sam pra kay Chx….bgay tlga cla….

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