“Walang matinong lalake sa malanding kumpare.”

To start with, I’ve been with a Korean-owned web development company for 3 years. I resigned last February because I can’t see any career growth for me, and the management is on their trial and error phase ever since I joined them until now.

Anyway, I was lucky to have an offer with this US-based web development company. I thought this is a better one, but to my dismay, it was far less than my old company. I was like just a freelancer. No deductions, no benefits, or whatsoever. But they do give very competitive salary. I even don’t have any contract signed with them. But yes, I do go to their office, 5 times a week, 8 hours a day.

Some would think that this is an advantage for me since I am getting all the money. Yes, it’s good. I can get all the money and be richer in no time. But how about my future? How about my ITR, SSS, Philheath, Home funding, and medical benefits? Sometimes, money is not all that counts.

So, I then decided to look for another job while working on this company. I got an offer from one of the top credit card companies here in the Philippines, still web development. I already signed a contract with them last two weeks ago.

Tuesday last week, before going to our office, I told my boss through Yahoo Messenger that I will be resigning from their office effective May 15, 2008 and will be giving him my resignation letter later. He asked why, so I told him the truth. He went berserk, and he forwarded my concern to our CEO, an American lady who is paying a visit to the company’s Philippine site. She was so unprofessional that she wanted me to leave right away, no need to serve the notice period. And guess what, she wanted me to return the light toys (headlamps, used for mining) that she gave to every employee last week. Gosh, so childish, so unprofessional. These bosses were like toddlers having their so-called tantrums. The more reason I need to leave this company.

If not with these unprofessional bosses, I believe that this company has a future in the web development industry. Their product is good, a very good Content Management System,. But if they continue this being so unprofessional, I can certainly conclude that their company will be forever a startup one and no future at all.

So what now? I’m still waiting for my last payout. And unfortunately, my first payout with the new company will still be on June 15, 2008. Gosh. I wasn’t prepared for this. I won’t be having any extra to celebrate my upcoming birthday. Sigh.

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3 Comments to “ Unprofessional Bosses ”

  1. Acoustic Guy

    hi, martin! it’s been so long since we’ve last seen each other… kmusta na? things have changd a lot for me since the day you and i broke up… hehe, anyway, good luck to your new career. Hope to see you guys at Government soon… busy lang sa new life and job, i quit singing muna to have a better future. hehe… miss you marts!

  2. Hey Acoustic Guy! Long time! Thanks! Yeah see you soon. A lot of things to catch up. Take care! 🙂

  3. wow that was enough for professionalism there…

    good thing you resign

    i tagged you Martin, tell me more about you 😀

    chris’s last blog post..Ali-Tag Tag

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