“Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.”

Fabuloush.com is the newest and Philippine based GLBT community site. I created an account last November 22, 2005. But just after 3 days, someone stole my picture and use it in his profile. The account’s name is “jamirchua”. Some people I personally know frequently see him logged in to Fab Chat. If you happen to see or chat with jamirchua online, it’s not me talking. All my authentic community profiles are listed here in my blog.

jamirchua account on Fabuloush.com

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6 Comments to “ Thou shall not steal someone else’s picture! ”

  1. gin

    I saw you in robinson’s place in ermita, with a bald guy. Is he your bf? Di kayo bagay mas bagay tayong dalawa. U r so cute in personal.
    Just want to say crush kita…


  2. Gin, thanks for visiting my site. So, you saw me at RP Ermita with my partner. Yes, he is my bf. He is the most gorgeous man in my life. What made you say that we are not compatible? You don’t even know the both of us for you to judge. I suppose you are judging us with your naked eye. Physical attributes can be perceived by different people in different ways. Thus, a cute person for you can be ugly for others, and vice-versa. I have to remind you that being together doesn’t need to be physically compatible. It is how you both understand, smile, laugh, cry, forgive, cuddle, and love one another. That’s the essence of having a relationship. Deep yet simple.

  3. gin


    Dont you worry. Di naman kita aagawin sa kanya eh. I know that you are very happy with him. Hihintayin ko na lang na wala na kayo, then I will enter the picture. Just take care always. Crush kita talaga!!!. Kailan ka uli punta ng robinson, i mean kailan kaya kita uli makikita, minus the asungot…joke lang po…i mean minus your bf….


    PS. he is not gorgeous…. kahit san ko tingnan wala talaga…ikaw pa oo..
    huwag pong magalit…it is just an observation…

  4. Rodney

    Hi! I’m his boyfriend. I’m the bald guy…the guy you dont find gorgeous at all.


    I don’t care whatever you call me but my boyfriend is MINE. I think you have the decency to shoo away and find a guy of your own. Sabi mo naman na bagay kayo ng bf ko which means cute ka rin or better looking than him. So kung pwede lang na you leave him na lang and give him his own peace of mind. I know you admire him and I don’t take that away from you nor the admiration from him. What I just don’t like is you insinuating yourself to my bf. You’re crossing the border and that for me is FOUL.

    Dude masama ang mang-agaw. Bad karma yan. Unless, makapal talaga mukha mo. Sorry for the word but that’s the most decent adjective I can associate to you.

    Nuff said.

  5. gin


    sorry po kung na-offend yung bf mo. I am really really sorry for that.Just take care always
    last message ko na po ito.



    sorry po kung naoffend ka sa mga words na nasabi ko kay martin, i am really really sorry for that. it is natural to have a violent reaction from you. nacue cute tan lang ako sa kanya, and that’s it.Sorry po ulit .i am really really sorry for everything ….
    by the way, di po ako lalaki, girl po ako, a real one….

    sorry po ulit…
    i will take your advice…


  6. arnold

    Ms. Gin..wake up!!!….first, sa mababaw na pananaw mo sa basehan ng pag-ibig. Secondly, ur soooo barking at the wrong tree…..

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