“Aanhin mo pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.”

We went to Puerto Galera last April 30, 2006 – May 1, 2006. But wait, who’s the “we” im talking about? Well, I belong into 2 groups.

  1. My Family – My Mom, Marz Bro, Melvin Bro, Rachelle Cousin, and Jason (Marz’s friend).
  2. My Friends – Arnold & Esh, Henry & Jones, Jim & Brad, and Rey.

We stayed in Villa Lato Montagna Lodge, White Beach. It was just 2 minutes walk to the beach front. We occupied two separate rooms for my family and friends. Anyway, here are the pics! Hehe.

Bored on board! (Marz Bro and I)

My Family in Villa Lato Montagna Lodge

My Family on the sea shore

My Friends and I

My Friends and I having breakfast

PG Sunset Sky

Melvin Bro, Me, Jason, Marz Bro

PG Sunset and I

While sunbathing!

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2 Comments to “ Puerto Galera Summer 2006 ”

  1. gem

    Hi just want to know how were you able to book with villa lato.. hope to be able to stay there this summer thanks..

  2. Hi Gem. Unfortunately, I don’t have Villa Lato’s contact numbers now. 🙁
    It’s been years already the last time I visited Puerto Galera.

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