Last Saturday, I went to Government with my SD Family since Dada Neb will be out of the country for two weeks. We’ve witnessed the Men of Government Grand Finals. The guy who got the crown is really deserving for me, though he’s not my personal choice.

I decided to hit the dancefloor. Then I received a message from a textmate which I haven’t meet yet, informing me that he was actually behind me. I looked back and saw this cute guy. Let’s call him Green Goblin. He started to rub his chest on my back as we dance, his hands on my waist and holding hands. Then we went upstairs and introduced him to my circle. I never thought that we also have common friends. And around 5:30am, I asked him if he come with me at my place. At first, he was hesitant since he needs to walk his dog around the park or else, that dog will crash their door. But then, he finally agreed. Of course, it happened. We had this conversation after that…

Me: I’m happy being with you now…
Green Goblin: That’s dangerous. Don’t fall for me.
Me: No, that’s not what I meant. I mean I’m happy because you chose to come here with me instead of going home and walk your dog.

He’s right. I think it’s really possible for me to fall for him. But then, it’s good that he’s honest enough to tell it straight to my face that he can’t commit. Well, the only option is for us to stay as friends with benefits.

But overall, I enjoyed every moment with Green Goblin that night.

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