“Walang matinong lalake sa malanding kumpare.”

If you are an avid fan of the TV series Gossip Girl, there is no reason that you would not know Jenny Humphrey, tagged by the Gossip Girl as “Little Jenny”. Little Jenny doesn’t belong to any circle, and he constantly tries to fit in with the upper east side girls. I never thought that this character would be really an inspiration of the one I know.

Last Sunday, I logged in to my Guys4Men account and was surprised to bump on this message:

Mr. Parker's Guys4Men Message

Mr. Parker's Guys4Men Message

At first, I somehow doubted this message, if this person is referring to the same D.A. I know. Since I’m not always online, I just left my mobile number to him. The next day, he called. I heard his voice, and he is a foreigner. Let’s call him Mr. Peter Parker. It was confirmed that it was really the same D.A. we were talking about. Anyway, I’ll start calling D.A. now as Little Jenny.

So, I wanna run down all the facts and lies I just knew from Mr. Parker.

Lie: Little Jenny’s uncle owns this elegant condo unit somewhere in the Metro.
Fact: Mr. Parker is the owner of this elegant condo unit and he is NOT Little Jenny’s uncle. Mr. Parker and Little Jenny had a relationship ever since he moved in here in the Philippines half a year ago.

Lie: Since Little Jenny’s uncle is leaving for his hometown last December, Little Jenny invited me and my friends over.
Fact: Mr. Parker allowed Little Jenny to stay in his condo, yet, didn’t allow anyone to go there except him.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he needed P10,000.00 to pay off a debt to a friend. Mr. Parker believed Little Jenny and gave the exact amount.
Fact: I was the “friend” which Little Jenny needed to pay off a debt amounting to P2,500.00 only.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he sold his phone since he had an accident and was hospitalized. Mr. Parker lend Little Jenny an old phone, and he was supposedly to buy him a new phone after Little Jenny decides which phone model to buy.
Fact: Little Jenny was never hospitalized. He told me that he will buy a new phone, either Nokia E63 or Nokia 5800.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he won’t go out the night of January 23, 2009.
Fact: Mr. Parker saw the tagged photos of Little Jenny when he was at Hed Kandi event with me.

There are still some other juicy information I learned, but those are not my stories to tell. I said sorry to Mr. Parker, also in behalf of my friends, that we disrespect his home. Mr. Parker was kind enough to say that it’s not our fault since we were invited by Little Jenny in the first place. I know though that it was very hard for Mr. Parker thinking that Little Jenny and I did it on his own bed.

Now, you know Little Jenny’s true colors. It is up to you to believe me or not. You call me bitter, but I was just telling the truth with proofs.

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5 Comments to “ Little Jenny Lives On ”

  1. haven’t been here in a long time. sad to hear about little jenny. well, sh*t happens. hope everything works out.

  2. “Now, you know Little Jenny’s true colors. It is up to you to believe me or not. You call me bitter, but I was just telling the truth with proofs.”

    nah you dont sound bitter at all. u sound.. “so free” and at peace. 🙂

  3. arn arn

    …i saw him twice ata,back then,i thought his nice..he got my vote and gave him two thumbs up for Martin…but then again,i really dont know him…i trust my friends instinct and investigate skills as evidenced in this post…hehehehe a little too late nga lang…

    Martin, who have been through a lot..as in a lot, things i cant and shouldnt discuss here, kasi kukulangin sa space…pag relasyon ang usapan, saludo ako…i saw him skip meals just to keep his promise to his bf who went abroad who later change plans and change heart, hehehehehe…saw him change styles…change views….lots of efforts were exerted, big and small…he’s wild and yet a very tamed bf…i really admire that in him…

    as for the 10,000 debt…baka nde lang ikaw ang nautangan..hehehehe(nag gatong pa)…

    see you later..im sure this will discussed again ….. more intimate and with feelings..hehehehe

  4. arn arn

    was forced to comment because the security code that is required to post in here spelled my name…my real name…hehehehe

    nde kamukha ni david si DA ah….though he’s cute…

  5. may may

    dear martin, am sorry to hear about this… there are lots of ppl who take advantage of those who are better natured than them. all we can do is to be more careful.

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