Getting Married

Last December 21, 2006, I attended Cathy’s wedding reception at Diamond Hotel with my fellow officemates. I thought we will be missing her special day since we had a problem with our ride. But surprisingly, we arrived like 10 minutes before the event proper. Thank God!

Anyway, the wedding reception was outstanding. Scrumptious food, smashing music from the Groom’s band, and perfect ambiance. Of course, the wedding reception won’t be complete without the first dance, the pigeons, the bouquet, the garter, and the cake. After all those mushy scenes and phrases, it made me wonder… Will I be having a day like this? Though we all know that gay marriage is not legal and recognized in most countries, I’m still wishing that someday will also be my special day with the guy I want to be with forever. Sigh.

L-R: Jane, Yssah, Cielle, Cathy (Bride), Eli (Groom), Me, Khel

L-R: Khel, Yssah, Cathy (Bride), Jane, Me

L-R: Khel, Cielle, Yssah, Jane, Me

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  1. huhuhu… I miss you guys already…. LALO NA ANG MGA SANGGRE!!!!

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