“Aanhin mo pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.”

Dropping Out

Professor X and I were dating for a month and a half. But somehow, he has personal problems for which I think he won’t be able to solve them if I’m around. I dropped the bomb yesterday. Of course, I got the expected reaction from him. I don’t want to do this but I think it’s for the best.

I cried the whole night. I kept on thinking if I did the right decision or not. I don’t want to lose him. Yet, I don’t want him to suffer more because of me. I don’t know if I should take my decision back and continue what we had for a month and a half. I won’t forget every moment I had with him.

Am I stupid enough to drop out from Professor X’s class? I almost had something and I let it go. Damn.

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4 Comments to “ Dropping Out ”

  1. Professor X


    I never regreted every single time that we’re together. Everytime I am with you, I am happy bcoz im beside you.

    I love you, I hope you’ll come back…. ='(

  2. gymmate

    hay naku professor x…

    ang laki ng sacrifices ni martin sau kung alam mo lang…

    u look good together…

    sana magkabalikan na kayo…

    ayusin na ang dapat ayusin ok…

  3. arn-arn

    Hi,guys. Hmmm…we are not in constant communication with you Mart lately unlike before,because of this im not REALLY sure what’s going on. didnt have the chance to really know prof X much,konteng evaluation lang sa gigs..hehehe…..pero ever since,we trust and respect your decision, and as always, you decide for yourself and you have reasons….

    opinionn lang….relationship is between 2 people. If the issue is about the person involve, then give up and move on…pero kung may mga problem lang surrounding the person you are with, sa akin…stay…and do all things you can to help,if not directly,indirectly, by either being there or simply by listening. If you think YOU have something to do with it, then talk and make COMPROMISE which will entail SACRIFICE. When i say sacrifice, not in the sense na “titikisin” or “titiisin” mo yung love one mo…i always believe that if two people love each other, they will stay together no matter what..if you choose to live far,or separately…i find it hard to associate the word “love”.

    Sometimes we though that giving up is the easiest thing to do….but remember, patience is a virtue, and virtues have merits…..

    Friend,you are one true person in this realm that i know to be a very good person…rational and humane….whatever happens..dito lang kami….remember, as long as both of you are willing…then… things are possible…..mwah!

  4. Maricel Laxa

    oke lang yan.
    ang importante ay ang mga masasayang ala ala ng magkasama kayo.

    all the best.

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