I decided to go to BED Malate last night since there’s nothing to do at home. I was able to meet some friends there, chit chat while drinking my first bottle of beer. We were at the 2nd floor. Then we decided to check out the crowd downstairs. Since the place was so jampacked, I wasn’t able to follow them and I was lost in the middle of the crowd.

Anyway, I can’t barely move there, so I decided to go up again. While I was trying to penetrate the crowd going upstairs, I felt something in my pocket, then I noticed that my phone is not there anymore. It was really fast, that I wasn’t able to see who got it. Imagine, the cellphone pouch is still on my pocket. Whoever got it is definitely an expert cellphone snatcher. I didn’t even bother to report it to the management because it will be useless. How can they track that culprit? It was like a thousand of people there.

I was able to bump a friend and asked him to ring my phone. It was still ringing, yet I set it to “Silent” before entering the club. I called it a night and went home. That all happened in just one hour.

I called Globe to temporarily disconnect my line. The customer service also offered to block my phone’s IMEI. I had my sim replaced just this morning, but still don’t have any phone to use. Maybe I’ll buy a new one tomorrow. Let’s see.

I just want to have fun last night but it became a nightmare. Goodbye my 3-month old Nokia E63.

Nokia E63 Blue

Nokia E63 Blue

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2 Comments to “ Cellphone Snatchers on the Loose ”

  1. Rey

    Hi, Martin. I read similar blog posts about cellphone theft in Bed. Be careful na lang next time, or don’t bring your valuable into that club.

  2. Hey Rey! Actually, I haven’t been to BED again since it happened.

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