“Matalino man ang bading, napeperahan pa rin.”

GMA7 ended Encantadia with such a superb finale, which is heading to its prequel (or sequel, it depends on how you look at it) Etheria. Etheria is the most powerful kingdom in Encantadia before. It was defeated by the joined forces of the other 4 kingdoms namely Lireo, Hathoria, Adamya, and Sapiro. But the dead empire is about to live again. So, the 4 Sangg’res will need to go back to the past and destroy Etheria’s hourglass that can help them gain the power in Encantadia once more.

The Women of Encantadia and Etheria

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One Comment to “ Avisala Encantadia! Asnamon Voyanazar Etheria! ”

  1. nelnorombaba

    napaka ganda talaga ng encantadia pwedi nyo po bang ilabas ulit ang encantadia?

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