“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, bading din pala ang iyong karelasyon.”

Couple of months ago, Harry Potter, one of my online friends, invited me to a Yahoo Messenger Conference with Acoustic Guy and Vanity Guy. I had a hard time catching up with what they were talking about since I was at work and chatting is definitely a taboo. Anyway, Acoustic Guy added me to his messenger list, so did I. Since then, we chat whenever we both go online.

There were a number of attempts for us to meet, but either one of us can’t make it. Maybe because of our geographical location. I live in Makati, and he lives in the farthest part of Quezon City. But then, we both decided to finally see each other last three weeks ago at Greenbelt 3. I find him cute… good fashion taste, stylish hair, and he knows how to carry himself. Actually, he has the resemblance of an ABS-CBN Talent Actor Joseph Bitangcol, for me at least. We pigged out at Kitchen then chilled out at Starbucks.

He sings well. I went to his gig the next day in Malate and checked him out. I was able to meet his band mates and some of his friends. Though I can’t be with him that whole night, I really enjoyed it. Everyone knows that I’m not much into any kind of music expect House. But after attending his gig, I think I’ll include Acoustic Genre to my list. Hehe.

Will he be the one who can bring back my old self? Let’s see.

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