“Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.”

April 22, 2005, around 9:30AM, Rodney saw the nickname “BEDAN`xp” parked in a GLBT IRC chatroom. It was me. I used to park my nickname there while at work. So why “BEDAN`xp”? Hmm, BEDAN because I graduated from San Beda College. XP? Nothing, just to sound like a computer nerd.

He sent me a message to start our conversation with this pick-up line, “based on my experience, 8 out of 10 Bedans are good in bed.” Whahaha! That was a good start. It was memorable though it lasted for only 30 minutes. We traded phone numbers and started texting right after.

April 24, 2005, around 1:00AM, I had no plans to go on a gimik that night. I was half asleep when he called. His sweet voice woke me up and invited me to go to BED Malate. We flirted and danced the night away. We went home around 7:00AM.

Just a couple of days after our first EB, Rodney wanted to take our newly established friendship to the next level. He said, “I love you”, but I just replied, “Thank you”. Not that I don’t want him to be my other half, but I wanted to give it some time to know him more.

Anyway, I was planning to join BnT’s (the chatroom i usually hangout) Puerto Galera gateway even before I met him. So I invited him if he could tag along and be my date in PG. He affirmed to join just 2 days before the trip. Honestly, my secret plan was that I’ll say yes to Rodney in PG because I want it to be very special. But if he decided not to come, I won’t go either.

April 30, 2005, around 7:00AM, I went to Eastwood to meet Rodney and GL (my former officemate and also a member of BnT). We had our breakfast and went to PG afterwards.

May 1, 2005, around 6:30AM, we woke up in each other’s arms. Then I whispered to his ears, “I love you.” I can’t explain how happy we were that moment. We spent our first day with so much memories together.

May 2, 2005, around 9:30AM, we left PG and headed back to Manila.

May 1, 2006, around 6:30AM, 525,600 minutes were gone, I was still in PG with family (will write a post regarding our family summer vacation next time). I went to the shore and picked up a good shaped stone, prayed for our relationship to be stronger and long-lasting, and threw it to the sea.

Now, we will be dealing with our second set of 525,600 minutes. Hope it will be as good or even better than the first one. I love you so much, Rodney.

Rodney and I 525,600 minutes ago

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3 Comments to “ 525,600 Minutes of Rodney and I ”

  1. arnold

    very very NICE Picture……

  2. gerald

    Nice picture! Its happy to be in love! Keep on loving each oher.

  3. Nice picture nga, pero marts, taba ka pa jan… hehehe… sana mag kita na kayo soon, para maupdate na yung mga pictures mo. makikita namin, may camel sa ibabaw nyo ni rodney… ehhehe joke lang… ehhehe

    O yan rodney, may comment na ko… sa website mo naman… hehehe…

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