“Wala nang hihigit pa sa malansang isda, kundi ang isang balahurang bakla.”

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Station 168 Internet unveiled its landmark in SM Baguio last July 7, 2006. As part of its sister company Sabiclub.com Corporation, we were given different tasks for the opening day. We all went to Baguio last July 6-9, 2006. Woohoo! Vacation galore! Too bad it was raining all day so we can’t do outdoors much. But we surely did […]

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Rated PG!

My family and I will be going to Puerto Galera on April 30 – May 1. I already paid the downpayment of our room accomodation through bank deposit. The rest will be shouldered by my mom. Hehe. Honestly, I am very much excited with this summer getaway for two reasons. First, it will be exactly […]

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