“Walang matinong lalake sa malanding kumpare.”

Red Twin Hearts

Red Twin Hearts

Tomorrow is the start of the Love Month. It might be just an ordinary month for others, but for some, it’s exceptional because this is the perfect time to search for the other twin of their red hearts. Restaurants or even motels will be fully booked again. Prices of roses and chocolates will go up. Shopping malls will be decorated with cupids and hearts.

I can still remember last year’s Valentine’s Day when Bear Cuddler and I were still together. We went to gym, ate out, and gave each other a simple present. However, this year, most likely I will be celebrating this day alone. Well, maybe, maybe not. Let’s see.

I’ve been single for almost a year already. I’ve dated a number of guys since then, but none of them has it. Well, I thought two of them might have had it, but I was wrong. I’ve realized that there are a lot of things to take into consideration in searching for a partner.

I was watching Queer as Folk (QAF208) last night. Justin went to Daphney’s house party. Though he was not really enjoying the party because of these straight homophobes, he was able to meet a guy at one corner. This guy is just a newbie to the scene, like what Justin was in QAF101. They had some serious talk after making out, and the guy said, “I don’t wanna meet a lot of guys… I wanna meet just one… to be with… just the two of us.” It hit me.

Should I really meet a lot of guys to date or make out with? Am I really looking for this one guy to be with forever? How I wish that someday, somehow, I can tell to the world that I already have the Red Twin Hearts.

Happy Love Month to everyone!

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