“Wala nang hihigit pa sa malansang isda, kundi ang isang balahurang bakla.”

A friend in Facebook asked me to watch this video regarding the PBB Double Up housemate Jason Veron Francisco who made some of the members of the LGBT community to raise their eyebrows on his comment relating to his experience with a transgender. He claimed that one night, he drank and flirted with this beautiful girl and had a one night stand, but later found out that this girl has a wang, a tranny. He said, parang gusto ko na ngang magpakamatay at makapatay (ng bakla) eh. — I just wanna die and to kill (gays).

Anyway, in my opinion, I have nothing against him, because if that is true, then he was deceived. If right then and there he knew about it, then I guess he won’t go to that point. If any person is deceived, even us in the LGBT, would then react the same way as he did, I guess. I am speaking in general, not just about this topic.

But then, I think that showing this on national television is not appropriate. ABS-CBN should screen or sensor issues which may be sensitive to other sectors, like LGBT. Media is very influential, and it’s their responsibility to take things into consideration.

Well, just my two cents.

What can you say on this? Watch this video at 1:57 – 3:42.

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One Comment to “ PBB Double Up housemate Jason Veron Francisco comments on Transgenders ”

  1. Arn_arn

    I think there’s nothing wrong with what the dude felt and said.Those are natural reactions. First, he thought he can take advantage na(makakaisa) as a beautiful lady will drink with him,he will have a chance for a one night stand once she’s drank…only to find out may matigas …hahahaha…being straigth, its understandable even if he throw up or something….imagine gay having sex with a woman he thought was a male…pag kapa eh walang matigas kundi butas na basa…hahahaha..eow…..

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