“Aanhin mo pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.”

I know this is long overdue, but I guess it’s still worth blogging. Anyway, two months ago was my 26th birthday, and as always, it is my vow to go to Antipolo Church (Nuestra Señora de la Paz Y Buen Viaje) during my birthday. So from Manila, I went to Shaw Blvd. terminal to take an FX ride to Antipolo.

As I open the door of this FX, my attention was caught by this matured looking but cute young guy seated at the back. Since he got a very neat facial stubble, let’s call him Wolverine. We were exchanging luscious stares and smiles while on the trip. But suddenly somewhere in Cainta, he asked the driver to stop, and it’s time for him to go. I felt sad for that moment, that I didn’t even had the chance to get his number. Then, he nodded at me, telling me to come with him. Oh yeah of course! Haha!

We went to his place. He turned on the television and asked me to wait while he’s taking a shower. Okay. Then I saw this picture frame, this another cute guy and him. Hmmm, partner? Well, possibly. Anyway, he’s done with the shower so we started to make things happen.

He wanted to do something which I don’t wanna do for that time. I said, “maybe next time”. Then he answered, “There won’t be next time I guess, so let’s do it.” So I stopped for a moment, then asked, “You have a partner, don’t you? Is that him in the picture with you?” Then he admits… but still, we continued doing it. Hahaha! Bad. Of course we didn’t exchange numbers since he’s hiding it from his partner, but he gave me his PlanetRomeo username.

Then after the short detour, I went back to my original itenerary, to go to Antipolo.

If only he’s single and available… hmmmm…

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I decided to go to BED Malate last night since there’s nothing to do at home. I was able to meet some friends there, chit chat while drinking my first bottle of beer. We were at the 2nd floor. Then we decided to check out the crowd downstairs. Since the place was so jampacked, I wasn’t able to follow them and I was lost in the middle of the crowd.

Anyway, I can’t barely move there, so I decided to go up again. While I was trying to penetrate the crowd going upstairs, I felt something in my pocket, then I noticed that my phone is not there anymore. It was really fast, that I wasn’t able to see who got it. Imagine, the cellphone pouch is still on my pocket. Whoever got it is definitely an expert cellphone snatcher. I didn’t even bother to report it to the management because it will be useless. How can they track that culprit? It was like a thousand of people there.

I was able to bump a friend and asked him to ring my phone. It was still ringing, yet I set it to “Silent” before entering the club. I called it a night and went home. That all happened in just one hour.

I called Globe to temporarily disconnect my line. The customer service also offered to block my phone’s IMEI. I had my sim replaced just this morning, but still don’t have any phone to use. Maybe I’ll buy a new one tomorrow. Let’s see.

I just want to have fun last night but it became a nightmare. Goodbye my 3-month old Nokia E63.

Nokia E63 Blue

Nokia E63 Blue

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Let’s get more serious this time. I was just browsing Youtube for some pinoy independent films trailer and pinoy short films, and I landed on this documentary by Joey Velasco entitled “Sa Kambas ng Lipunan”.

Joey is a painter and he painted the Last Supper with a twist, the 12 Apostles became 12 streetchildren. At first, it was just a painting for him, but later on, he can’t even look at it anymore because he had some realizations in life.

This is an eye opener. Two thumbs up for Joey.

Got place?

It’s been more than a month since I moved back to our house in Manila,  and one major disadvantage of it is not having a place for hookups! “Got place?” — This is one of the standard questions I’m getting whenever someone sends me a message at PlanetRomeo (formerly Guys4Men).  For the past two years, scheduling some hot action is easy as 1-2-3, but not now. Some would offer their place, but it’s either really far, or their schedule won’t fit mine.

Getting a motel room is also an option though. But it’s been years since I went to a motel with a guy. And of course, if you want a 3-way or so, then you can’t do that in a motel. Haha!

Oh well, I’d better get used to this life again. I’m just missing a lot of fun!

How about you? Got place?

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in Bed


For twelve years, I have a bestfriend. We went to the same school way back in highschool. We’re always there for each other. When I had a problem with my mom, he was there. When his mom died, I was there. We were like twins, or even partners for some. We lived in the same roof for two years, and more often that not, our hookups or possible dates would ask, “Is that your boyfriend in that picture frame?” Well, that’s not gonna happen. We were like brothers by blood.

But it came to a point that this bestfriendship faded away. I was left out. I became just like an acquintance friend for him, which became so obvious in Puerto Galera. I was been replaced by someone as the bestfriend.

Well, we all have a freedom to be friends with everyone, isn’t it? Like me, I do have other friends. But I’ve managed to still show him the level of bestfriendship we have. But him, he wasn’t able to do that.

I moved out from our unit not because i don’t wanna live with him anymore, but I do have now responsibilities at home. I felt sad because of losing two things: an independent life and a bestfriend. The very first day he already had a new place, I can feel a wall between us. I don’t know but it happened.

And now, knowing that we’re not living together in the same roof, he would still rather choose to be with anyone, than me. I’d rather not have a bestfriend than to have one just by calling each other “Bes”. We also need to feel that straight from the heart. Forget the twelve years, it is pointless to hold on to it. If he doesn’t want me to be his bestfriend now, I can live with it. Not a pressure at all.

That’s life. In the end, you still need to take care of yourself. Just yourself.

The "Bestfriend"

The "Bestfriend"

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If you are an avid fan of the TV series Gossip Girl, there is no reason that you would not know Jenny Humphrey, tagged by the Gossip Girl as “Little Jenny”. Little Jenny doesn’t belong to any circle, and he constantly tries to fit in with the upper east side girls. I never thought that this character would be really an inspiration of the one I know.

Last Sunday, I logged in to my Guys4Men account and was surprised to bump on this message:

Mr. Parker's Guys4Men Message

Mr. Parker's Guys4Men Message

At first, I somehow doubted this message, if this person is referring to the same D.A. I know. Since I’m not always online, I just left my mobile number to him. The next day, he called. I heard his voice, and he is a foreigner. Let’s call him Mr. Peter Parker. It was confirmed that it was really the same D.A. we were talking about. Anyway, I’ll start calling D.A. now as Little Jenny.

So, I wanna run down all the facts and lies I just knew from Mr. Parker.

Lie: Little Jenny’s uncle owns this elegant condo unit somewhere in the Metro.
Fact: Mr. Parker is the owner of this elegant condo unit and he is NOT Little Jenny’s uncle. Mr. Parker and Little Jenny had a relationship ever since he moved in here in the Philippines half a year ago.

Lie: Since Little Jenny’s uncle is leaving for his hometown last December, Little Jenny invited me and my friends over.
Fact: Mr. Parker allowed Little Jenny to stay in his condo, yet, didn’t allow anyone to go there except him.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he needed P10,000.00 to pay off a debt to a friend. Mr. Parker believed Little Jenny and gave the exact amount.
Fact: I was the “friend” which Little Jenny needed to pay off a debt amounting to P2,500.00 only.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he sold his phone since he had an accident and was hospitalized. Mr. Parker lend Little Jenny an old phone, and he was supposedly to buy him a new phone after Little Jenny decides which phone model to buy.
Fact: Little Jenny was never hospitalized. He told me that he will buy a new phone, either Nokia E63 or Nokia 5800.

Lie: Little Jenny told Mr. Parker that he won’t go out the night of January 23, 2009.
Fact: Mr. Parker saw the tagged photos of Little Jenny when he was at Hed Kandi event with me.

There are still some other juicy information I learned, but those are not my stories to tell. I said sorry to Mr. Parker, also in behalf of my friends, that we disrespect his home. Mr. Parker was kind enough to say that it’s not our fault since we were invited by Little Jenny in the first place. I know though that it was very hard for Mr. Parker thinking that Little Jenny and I did it on his own bed.

Now, you know Little Jenny’s true colors. It is up to you to believe me or not. You call me bitter, but I was just telling the truth with proofs.

A user is a user.

Honor Thy Partner

Cal Hockley: My fian… my fiancée! Yes, you are, and my wife. My wife in practice if not yet by law, so you will honor me. You will honor me the way a wife is required to honor a husband. Because I will not be made a fool, Rose. Is this in any way unclear?

Do you remember this line from Titanic the Movie? This is the same line that I can utter right now. I want to be honored as someone’s partner. I don’t want to treated like just a friend or barkada.

Yes, you got it now. D.A. and I broke up just now. All he wants to do with me is being with my own friends, go drinking, go partying, or go joke time. You could think of it as me just being his barkada plus sexual benefits, or as if I’m single without the benefits. We never went to a movie, even once.

A relationship has its basic element to call it a true relationship. And I know for the fact that we don’t have this element, even my friends know this. I felt emptier than being single. At least I know if I’m single, I have all the reasons to feel empty. I’d rather be single than to be treated like this. If you love someone, you will show him how important he is and how you want to be with him every moment of his life.

Maybe D.A. is not ready for this kind of relationship, a serious one. I’m not getting any younger and I already past that stage. I gave him a chance, a lot. But same old excuses, same old alibis, same old promises not kept.

Now, back to basics.

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Hed Kandi 2009

Hed Kandi. A.Venue, Makati City. January 23, 2009.

Hed Kandi. A.Venue, Makati City. January 23, 2009.

See you at Hed Kandi! Party on!

I’ve been dating this guy who looks like David Archuleta for more than a month. Let’s call him D.A. I met him a year ago through a social networking site, but that just it. We never talked about something deeper, or even plan to go on a date. Months passed by, then I constantly see him at Club Government where I usually hang out. Hi and Hello. Chitchat. Just that.

Then last November 29, 2008, I went to Trance Alliance event at A.Venue with my friends. But since it was only 10:30PM and too early for the event, we had a detour first at W.G. Diner and had a beer or two.

I saw D.A. walking across, and asked him if he will be attending the event, and said yes. Since he was alone, we tagged him along. My friends were having fun interviewing D.A. and somehow, it was diverted to a dare… if D.A. and I can kiss infront of them without malice. Then we did. It all started there.

After that dare scene, around 12:30am, we all went to A.Venue and enjoyed the party. I can say that it was the best trance party in Manila for 2008. At around 4:30AM, we went to Club Government to have an after party. D.A. was with his friends already that time. At around 5:30AM, My friends and I decided to go to my friend’s pad and had a drinking session. D.A. and I were exchanging text messages, talking about that kiss. He admitted that he felt something with it, that he wanted to go out with me. I invited him to join our drinking session.

In all honesty, I like D.A. the first time we met. But I wasn’t ready yet for any relationship that time and was happy being single. So, I agreed to go out with him. And yes, just last Saturday, January 10, 2009, we are officially together. We had a romantic dinner at Manila Hotel Cowrie Grill. I ordered Grilled salmon and Lapu-lapu while he had Lamb Steak. Food was perfect, but we were shocked that the sparkling water we had was P300 each. Gosh! Anyway, since it was already late, we went to Club Government and witnessed the soft-launch of the newest resident-DJ Funk Avy. We went home at around 4:30AM since we were tired and groggy. We rested for a while and continued the party at my place with my friends.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for the longest time. I was single for almost 2 years. And now, I can truly say that I’m ready to take the chances with D.A.

I love him very, very, very much.

This is a wonderful Titanic parody trailer. Very creative story, Jack Dawson lives! I hope this will be on a big screen soon. A big hand for Derek Johnson!