“Matalino man ang bading, napeperahan pa rin.”

A Surprise for Pooh

Pooh and I turned a month old last week. We planned to dine at Kitchen Greenbelt 3 after his work shift. It’s where we actually made it official that we were exclusively dating then.

Anyway, I can’t think of a good gift for our monthsary, should I say, I can’t even go out alone and look for something since we go out together almost all the time. So on that day itself, we were chatting and told him that I’ll be logging off to sleep, though, instead, I dressed up and went to the mall. I thought of giving him his own dose of surprises which I blog about in Pooh and the Flowers, so I ran to Holland Tulips and got a nice bouquet for him. It’s weird to walk around Glorietta holding a bouquet of flowers! Oh well, I looked around and also got him a strawberry shortcake to remind him of what we had a month ago in Baguio.

I took a cab going to his office, and called him. He was a bit alarmed that I’m still not getting any sleep for our celebration. I told him to go down and meet me near the building entrance. He was shocked upon seeing  me holding these flowers for him. All he said was, “Oh my God”. Hehehe. Anyway, he went back upstairs to set it on his table and took a picture.

A Bouquet of Flowers for Pooh

A Bouquet of Flowers for Pooh

We went ahead with the plan and had dinner at Kitchen GB3. We had two pasta dishes, Crowned King and Achi’s Indulgence, and of course, their very own Mint Iced Tea “Cool It!” Kitchen never fails to serve yummy dishes. We strolled around. Our feet lead us to Timezone and sang our hearts out with love songs. Then after, since we recently got this Vodka Ice addiction, we had a bottle of it at Ice Bar, just a few steps away from Timezone.

It was really a nice and cheesy weekday celebration!

Last Sunday, Pooh and I went to Megatrade Hall 2 in SM Megamall to claim our race packet for the upcoming Adidas King of the Road 2009 on October 25. The race packet is a brown envelope containing an Adidas yellow singlet, a bib number, and a gift card from Adidas which gives the bearer 10% discount on selected Adidas personal care products. A few more days to go!

Adidas King of the Road 2009 Race Packet

Adidas King of the Road 2009 Race Packet

Eat and Run

I went to Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig yesterday to meet with Pooh after his work hours. Yeah, his office is around the area. Anyway, since we are planning to join a fun run since last month, we then decided to finally join Adidas King of the Road 2009 to be held on October 25, 2009 at the Fort Bonifacio Global City. We went straight to Runnr, a sports store in Bonifacio High Street to buy our tickets and fit for our singlet size. We spent P500 each for our tickets, not bad, considering to get an Adidas singlet, isn’t it? Oh well, I really need to buy a decent running shoes for this event.

King of the Road 2009 Ticket and Claim Stub

King of the Road 2009 Ticket and Claim Stub

Then after, we went to Conti’s at Serendra to have our dinner. I had Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce and Baked Salmon for him, and a slice of Mango Bravo cake for our dessert. I was amazed with this slice of cake, it’s gigantic! I think the serving is for 2-3 persons. What a heavy meal but worth it! Love it!

Conti's Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce and Baked Salmon

Conti's Roast Beef with Mushroom Sauce and Baked Salmon

Conti's Mango Bravo Cake

Conti's Mango Bravo Cake

I am not really a fan of Lady Gaga (though I love her songs), but I am starting to love her after hearing her piece. As she screams, “Are you listening?!?!?!?!” More power to LGBT community!

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Another celebrity died yesterday, Steven Gately, one of the members of Boyzone band who later went on solo career, died at 33 while on vacation in Majorca, Spain with his partner Andrew. According to his partner, Gately gone out for drinks, returned to his accommodation and fallen asleep, but never woke up. He was found squatting in an awkward way on a sofa, dressed in his pajamas.

Stephen Gately

Stephen Gately

It is sad to know that we lost another member of the LGBT community. You will be remembered.

For further readings:

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A friend in Facebook asked me to watch this video regarding the PBB Double Up housemate Jason Veron Francisco who made some of the members of the LGBT community to raise their eyebrows on his comment relating to his experience with a transgender. He claimed that one night, he drank and flirted with this beautiful girl and had a one night stand, but later found out that this girl has a wang, a tranny. He said, parang gusto ko na ngang magpakamatay at makapatay (ng bakla) eh. — I just wanna die and to kill (gays).

Anyway, in my opinion, I have nothing against him, because if that is true, then he was deceived. If right then and there he knew about it, then I guess he won’t go to that point. If any person is deceived, even us in the LGBT, would then react the same way as he did, I guess. I am speaking in general, not just about this topic.

But then, I think that showing this on national television is not appropriate. ABS-CBN should screen or sensor issues which may be sensitive to other sectors, like LGBT. Media is very influential, and it’s their responsibility to take things into consideration.

Well, just my two cents.

What can you say on this? Watch this video at 1:57 – 3:42.


Do you still remember this funny TV ad of Lucky Me Pancit Canton years ago? I think I was in college back then. So gay! Enjoy! 🙂

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Pooh and the Flowers

I’ve been dating Pooh for almost 2 months. A six-footer guy with designer stubble who works as a Technical Analyst in a prestigious I.T. solutions company. Well, we’ve been exchanging messages in Facebook a few months ago, but just some hi’s and hello’s. Then we decided to finally meet last month for a coffee and some chitchat. We never thought it can change our lives.

Thoughtful is an understatement for Pooh. He has something for me as in like everyday. Cakes, chocolates, or anything he feels like to give me on that day. Last Friday, he even gave me a bouquet of flowers and a Winnie The Pooh stuffed toy. I melted like an ice cream. The guard at my workplace can attest to that.

Flowers and Winnie the Pooh

Flowers and Winnie the Pooh Stuffed Toy

He is very sweet and loving, yet emotional deep under. I am not sure if this is because he’s a Cancer, since it has been said that Cancer people are the emotional ones. Anyway, I’ve read Gemini-Cancer compatibility too, and I think what’s in there are true for us both. He also got a good sense of humor.

I’m a fan of long dating stage (a month or a little bit more than a month, probably). I do believe in the “cheesy moments” too, as some would call it. The moment that you could always remember and cherish forever. Cheesy. Well, I guess I’ve watched too much romantic movies to believe in. Most of the relationships I had started with a cheesy moment, like at the heart of Puerto Galera, Cloud 9 in Antipolo, or Manila Hotel. I just want it to be so special for a special person.

Then we scheduled an out-of-town thing last long weekend, we went to Baguio. Just the two of us. I have plans on how to make it official, but well, he had his plans too. He played the very same song I am planning to play for this cheesy moment. I gave in with his plan. Then there, it’s official.

A start of something new, something better. This is it. I am hoping this to be a long-term one, since I’m not getting any younger. Cross fingers.

Love you babe. Let’s work this out.

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Aquino or Arroyo

I believe all Filipinos around the world knew about the death of our beloved former President Corazon C. Aquino. The whole nation once again showed the world how nationalistic we are in her burial yesterday.

Anyway, one of the local newspapers did their best to compile and present all the important events happened yesterday, but missed out one thing, a typographical error on the photo caption. Got this circulating on Facebook.

Though honestly, I believe this is really a typo and didn’t mean that to happen.

A typographical error on the caption: Aquino or Arroyo

A typographical error on the caption: Aquino or Arroyo

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This is a trance track which can make you teary eyed. I am so loving it!

Original Edit: http://www.mediafire.com/?mzlltmcgnnz
Progressive Mix: http://www.mediafire.com/?wyzdoyqo0mk

I’ve been running on, running on empty
For way too many miles now
I’ve been flying with broken wings
And now I’m falling faster to the ground
And it’s a bitter end to a story so sweet
Like a long lost friend
That’s never found a way back to me
And I can’t deny these memories
Got me all locked up inside
And you hold the key

All that I need is this moment
To send me away with a smile on my face
I tried to leave but I turn back
On my heart remains a trace

All that I seek is this moment
All day in my mind I recreate
If there was a way to get back
This feeling of chase..of chase

All that I need is this moment
This moment..