On My Own

Yes, today is Rodney’s last day here in the Philippines. Francis and I woke up at 7:00AM. We reached NAIA Terminal 1 by 8:30AM. We were a bit late and Rodney just got in the airport. He told me that he’ll try to go out a little later. But due to lack of time and miscommunication, we never had a chance seeing each other for the last time. There’s nothing I could do but cry. Yes, I cried out loud infront of many strangers, like in some telenovelas. If I could just have a way of bypassing all the airport guards. Good thing Francis was there to comfort me.

Now, from this day until I could follow him in Dubai, I’ll be on my own. And to my precious Rodney, please take care of yourself. I’ll be keeping you here in my heart always. I love you so much.

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2 Comments to “ On My Own ”

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    this one made me recall that time when my ex left for Japan about 2 years ago.
    so i know how it feels…. like fucking lonelyyyyyyyyy…..

  2. Oks lang yan bedan. 😛 Been there, done that… it hurts to be alone again especially when you’re used to be with this someone who you really love. Pero that’s life. we just have to accept it. Who knows, maybe the distance between both of you will make your love stronger ayt? take care always dude 🙂

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