“Walang baklang pangit sa lalaking gipit!”

I love you Lucky!

Jim, Brad, Jones (Brad’s officemate), and I watched D’ Lucky Ones last Wednesday at Glorietta 4 Cinema 2. This film won’t let you stop laughing. Promise!

D' Lucky Ones

The story of Lea (Pokwang) and Tina’s (Eugene Domingo) friendship starts from the days when they would chase Vilma Santos in all of her shows, shootings and guest appearances. Their common passion for the young star made them stick with each other. Their bond strengthens and they vow to marry their would-be children before Lea (Pokwang) leaves for Korea to work. But what happens, years later, is disaster as Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol, both named ‘Lucky’, despise and avoid each other. But by some twist of fate, their anger turns to love only to be stopped by their own parents’ misunderstanding and rivalry over a guy named Ralph (JR Valentin – Victor, the police, of Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros)! What follows is a series of confrontation with funny, witty and spectacular use of Vilma Santos’ most memorable lines and scenes in her most memorable films.

The two mothers’ “wickedness” reaches new heights as they use their children and their love story to hurt each other. Everything becomes comically explosive which only true love, real friendship, forgiveness and the power of a true Star could bring to a halt!

The high-energy cast will surely bring excitement to the audiences as they chronicle the Star for All Season’s career creatively incorporated in the narrative. They would surely enjoy the trip down memory lane as also incorporated in the film are Vilma’s signature expressions and songs, such as My Boy Lollipop, Sad Movies and Sixteen, all rendered in grand production numbers. This project is daring and definitely not to be missed.

Source: http://www.abs-cbn.com/d_luckyones/

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4 Comments to “ I love you Lucky! ”

  1. arnold

    sorry nde ako nakasama that day.di bale, at least meet ko kayo prior to the movie..nakita pa nga natin si EX di ba…hehehehehe

  2. arnold

    i watched the film kung nde kinabukasan, yung sumunod, of course, with Esh….

  3. Rodney

    Sinong EX?

  4. Beh, Ex un ni arnold. Gets mo na? Coca-Cola!

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