First Time

It was around 2:00AM when Francis and I went to Mbassy at Fort. Yes, not BED, not Government, but Mbassy. It has a mixed (straight, bi, gay, lesbian) crowd. It was our first time to get in the club. The place was so roomy, like thrice of Government. 66% of it is for Club House lovers, the rest is for R&B lovers. Of course, we stayed in the bigger part. I thought I won’t enjoy the night in Mbassy, for the reason that it’s a mixed crowd place and I’m not used to it. But as soon as the music echoed the room, I forgot everything and partied the night out! Our first time in Mbassy was definitely a splendid one.

Mbassy's Dance Floor

By the way, it was also my first time to drive our Van MB100! Woohoo!

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2 Comments to “ First Time ”

  1. sabi nun friend ko dapat daw yun know a certain code to get inside…tama ba?

    i want to check rin the place one time kasi sana.

    how much is the entrance?

  2. hmmm…. nung pumunta kme wala namang code na hiningi…. it was a saturday… baka pag may event lang cguro pag ganun… basta pumila lang kme then nagbayad… P300 door charge…. with 2 complimentary drinks included. ung friend ko may cap sya nun, tapos pinaiwan sa reception, binigyan sya ng number for that… i dunno ang logic sa pag iwan ng cap… weird nga e… hehehehe 😀

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