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The Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival was held last July 29-31, 2005 at SM Megamall Cinemas 1 & 12. There were six film entries namely: Dilim, Sa North Diversion Road, Sitak, Sadalang Bahay, Anak ng Tinapa, and Ang Anak ni Brocka.

It was around 9:00PM when Rodney and I arrived at SM Megamall, trying to catch any of the films to be shown at that time. But, the film has already started 30 minutes ago. It was the “Ang Anak ni Brocka”. We’re late. So we just bought the ticket for the film after that, which was the “Sa North Diversion Road” at 10:30PM.

SM Megamall Cinema 1: Sa North Diversion Road

So we decided to dine in first at Jolibee. After an hour, went back to Cinema 1. The showing should be at 10:30PM but “Ang Anak ni Brocka” was still being shown. I think they had some technical problems. Anyway, It was already 11:00PM when the organizers decided to let us in even though the previous film was still on the screen, so we had a chance watching the last part of it. But, in my humble opinion, the film was too amateur that even a college student can do it. The story was shallow, but starred by known actors and actresses in the show business. Sigh.

Here it is. It’s time to watch “Sa North Diversion Road”. After watching the first scene, I know this film is worth watching. Excellent lines, brilliant actors. It was starred by John Arcilla and Irma Adlawan, both active in stage play dramas, and Directed by Dennis Marasigan, Irma’s husband. It was based on the play written by Tony Perez with the same title.

The Marasigan movie is divided into nine or 10 segments (with titles culled from the names of the various exit points of the highway), all of them featuring a different couple having a major confrontation or argument while driving along this road. The philandering husband, caught red handed by the suffering wife, is the common denominator. The film studies how each couple handles the situation.

This movie is worth your time watching. Two thumbs up for John Arcilla, Irma Adlawan and Dennis Marasigan!

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2 Comments to “ Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival ”

  1. OMG! i so wanna watch those indie films! kaya lang i cant coz i have weekend work.

    do u know where i could get copies? pati yun Cinemalaya indie films?

  2. ako nga rin gusto ko magkaron ng copy e! sabi ng hubby ko eh baka may makunan sya dun sa cinemalaya… may friend daw kc syang taga DLSU…. though mga DLSU entries lang malamang sa makuha… sana mga magkaron na tau ng copy! 😀

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