“Matalino man ang bading, napeperahan pa rin.”

Last tuesday, Professor X went to my place to chill out for few hours. He is a good conversationalist, didn’t have a hard time reaching out to him. For just a short time, we were able to share some stories of our lives.

Professor X is working in call center here in Makati and will be teaching part-time this coming semester in one of universities along U-Belt. He lives in the land of Nuestra Señora De La Paz Y Buen Viaje (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage), my patroness.

When he left my place and went home, I just smiled and said to myself that this person won’t be just a come-and-go guy into my life, he can be a close friend or a potential partner.

And last night, Professor X didn’t just hang out at my place for few hours, but he stayed and slept beside me. And I must admit, I really enjoyed being with him all night.

I am being mutated by Professor X. I’m turning to be a non-pro-single guy. Will he be the next person to keep my heart after six months? Well, let’s see. I just hope this will move forward and grow more.

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7 Comments to “ Being Mutated by Professor X ”

  1. bearcuddler

    hi jean grey..

    if this will turn you to be a good mutant..
    go for it!!
    you deserve to have someone to keep you,
    someone to make you happy and someone to
    be there for you all the way…

  2. bearcuddler

    hi jean grey(?),
    hehehe.. c”,)

    just want to comment..

    if Professor X will make you a better mutant.. go for it!!!
    don’t be afraid to evolve.. for evolution is something to
    embrace and not to avoid and be afraid of..
    you deserve to be happy so give it a chance…
    we will be here for you..

  3. arn-arn

    Hi, Mart.We met prof X last night right? We truly miss you.its been months since i last saw you. here are my millions worth comment :

    ” didn’t have a hard time reaching out to him ” – when did you have a problem REACHING …? i think you are trained enough…hehehehe

    “I am being mutated by Professor X. I’m turning to be a non-pro-single guy. ” so glad to hear that…kaso ako naman ang nako convert to thinking that way..

    “Will he be the next person to keep my heart” …we are as excited and looking forward to see you happy and contented again…

  4. Bear Cuddler:
    whahahaha! I want to be Roque, since she has Iceman… LOL 😛
    Thanks thanks… really hoping for me to mutate back to my old self 🙂

    Arn: yep! he’s the “Professor X”! don’t be converted, been there and i don’t want my friends to experience it… though you’ll be happier at first, yet you’ll also feel loneliness thereafter… go find your mr. right. Thanks sis.

  5. doNiL

    1-2-3 Go!

    im so happy for you.

    its soo nakakasaya!

    best wishes.

  6. Anonymous

    it’s been a while since i’ve last seen you, and i can say naman that i really missed you. hay, reading this Articles reminded me of what we had before, nakakapanghinayang talaga, up to now, may times na di ko alam kung nakamove on nb ko sayo o hinde pa, i really don’t know, sayang..

  7. cesar

    cool website jean grey…

    i am smiling while reading your blogs…

    i am happy for you friend…


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