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Aquino or Arroyo

I believe all Filipinos around the world knew about the death of our beloved former President Corazon C. Aquino. The whole nation once again showed the world how nationalistic we are in her burial yesterday.

Anyway, one of the local newspapers did their best to compile and present all the important events happened yesterday, but missed out one thing, a typographical error on the photo caption. Got this circulating on Facebook.

Though honestly, I believe this is really a typo and didn’t mean that to happen.

A typographical error on the caption: Aquino or Arroyo

A typographical error on the caption: Aquino or Arroyo

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2 Comments to “ Aquino or Arroyo ”

  1. arn-arn

    obviously somebody didn’t do his job. i believe they have systems and procedures to ensure such delicate matter wont happen being in the business for so long…. and in this case, it didnt work,maybe they have to review and probably replace? …there maybe lapses or it can be said that they did that on purpose.

    as error may happen everytime, this do not make one excused on the matter of accountability and responsibility…. specially if this is his job and core function….

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