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Respect Our Identity

Yesterday, Pooh had a chat with one of his college friend, a straight non-Catholic guy (I won’t mention what religion he belongs), which, will have his son’s dedication (Christening) next week. Let’s call him Smudge. Well, Pooh had a chat with the wife few days ago and asked if he can tag me (the boyfriend) along during the event.

And since today is Manila’s Gay Pride March, I would like you to read on the conversation he had with Smudge and tell me what you think.

Smudge: bakit walang pasok?
Pooh: taguig day
Smudge: ah ok
Pooh: kita tayo sa sat
Smudge: oks
Pooh: ei may isasama ko si martin,pinaalam ko na kay raqs
Smudge: sino sya?
Pooh: boyfriend
Smudge: pumayag si raquel?
Pooh: yep pumayag sya
Smudge: wala syang sinabi sakin
Pooh: if nde pede,it’s ok
Smudge: mark
Smudge: di pa kami naguusap
Smudge: ni raquel
Pooh: no worries, ok lang
Smudge: to tell you honestly, i want you to get out of that life you are living now
Smudge: i do believe it is not really you
Pooh: I appreciate your concern chunx but
Pooh: eto na ko ngayon…
Smudge: so, you’re willing to risk eternity for the sake of your present?
Pooh: I think God can understand my situation
Pooh: I tried living a normal but nde ko talaga kaya
Smudge: i dont think so
Pooh: *normal life
Smudge: I am 100% postitive that He wont understand you
Smudge: because HE design you to be a HE and not the other way around.
Smudge: hindi ko naman sinabing madali yan
Smudge: pero nasa desisyon mo yan
Smudge: kung magdedeicde ka, dadali yan
Pooh: mas sinful ang magiging buhay ko pag pinili ko magpakstraigh…
Smudge: pero kung gusto mo na talaga yang buhay na yan, mahihirapan ka talaga.
Pooh: righ now,I’m not hurting anyone.
Smudge: and so you think you;re not
Smudge: have you not hurt your parents? your tita? your FRIENDS?
Smudge: have you not hurt GOd?
Smudge: you are not hurting someone physically. but physical hurt heals fast than emotional one.
Smudge: being straight is not living in sin. being GAY is living A SINFUL LIFE/
Pooh: my family and some friends understand my situation…
Smudge: i have opened to you what the bible said about it before.
Smudge: I dont
Pooh: I respect your opinion…
Smudge: it is not an opinion, it is a belief system
Smudge: pero, bahala ka
Smudge: buhay mo pa rin naman yan
Smudge: at the end of the day, i did what i have to doi
Smudge: *do
Smudge: i have told you the TRUTH about God’s word
Pooh: I respect your beliefs then…again I appreciate your concern…
Smudge: there are things we understand but still, we cannot just accept them.
Smudge: just so you know, i wanted to be frank with you.
Smudge: i dont want you BF to be around my kid’s dedication.
Pooh: I understand
Smudge: i can accept you as a guest because of what we had back in college
Pooh: I’ll see you na lang in other occasion
Smudge: i hope you see the light out of what you have now.
Smudge: hindi porke masaya ka, maayos ang lahat.
Last message received on 12/3/2009 at 2:22 PM
Pooh: I understand..anyway,meet ko na lang si Red sa ibang time

For me, this is old school but still has an impact to the gay community, our community. We all have our own choices, our own life, our own identity to live in. So in this light, I think the word is respect. Whether it’s about our sexual preferences or not, or anything else, we people should respect one another.

So I say, “I AM NOT IMMORAL”. Respect our identity.

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15 Comments to “ Respect Our Identity ”

  1. eon

    Yeah, what Smudge doesn’t see is that he isn’t earning any points with his God for breeding contempt on his fellow man.

  2. i’m always interested to hear the life story and suffering of someone who professes to be an expert on what god wants and god’s truth. most of the time, upon closer inspection, it seems like the person’s projection of some absolute one-sided truth as god is really a compensation for a secret doubt.

  3. some people can be very closed minded. i should know. i used to be one of them.

  4. Mark

    I shared this incident to our common friend and here’s the response that I received:

    “So sorry for the way he looks down on you. That’s hardly how God would treat us. That’s not the God I know.

    It isn’t anyones business to change you,dealing mo yan sa Dyos. Ang responsibilidad namin ay mahalin ka”

  5. Andy

    Nakakainit ng ulo!

  6. Martin, you have an idea that I like how Dawson’s Creek is written. I’m just not sure if it’s acceptable to you or the gay community.

    “Grams”, Jen’s grandma below is an old woman, devout Catholic, religiously portrayed throughout the 6 seasons. She was telling the lines below to Ty, love interest of Jen. Ty was portrayed as someone typical of a young bible studies attendee. Jen and Ty were debating one morning about Jack’s sexuality.

    “Dawson’s Creek: …That Is the Question (#2.15)” (1999)
    Evelyn “Grams” Ryan: [to Ty] If Jack is gay – he doesn’t need your judgment, young man. The Lord above will be the one to judge him as he will judge all of us. What he needs from you and me and everyone else in this world is love and tolerance. If anything, that boy must feel scared and alone and it will take the understanding of his fellow man to help him through. Let’s save judgment for someone much more experienced than you.

  7. @line of flight Yeah, I feel so sad for them.

    @citybuoy Nice to know that you can now keep an open mind. 🙂

    @Mark I salute the common friend!

    @Andy naman! kalurkey!

    @James Very well said! Can’t agree with you more! Aylavet!

  8. Arn-arn

    we can’t blame smudge.he only knows half of it, the other side, the straight side….its hard to accept what you don’t know. In no way will one agree on something he/she do not understand.lets not force them,they have no idea at all…

    we were thought of what is wrong and right,so lets stand by it and live our life to the fullest. and in the course that someone got hurt, let it be known that we didn’t mean it, and it so because they DON’T UNDERSTAND. the key then is for us not to change but for them to understand…….

  9. chris

    guys, alam nyo naman mali yung ginagawa nyo eh. well, smudge is somewhat correct. faggotness is like a sickness… that can be treated. but of course, the rehabilitation needs to come from you. just like any other treatment. Please dont make God’s graces, goodwill and patience as an excuse. Kahit si robin hood ganyan din ang sasabihin. you can help minimize immorality by starting on your own.

  10. Andy

    chris, what planet did you come from?

  11. Arn-arn

    sickness? can be treated? rehabilitation? minimize immorality? God’s graces, goodwill and patience as an excuse? robin hood?


  12. too bad na madami pa ding makikitid ang utak these days to think na nakapag aral naman sila hehe.

    too bad di siya naka attend of the dedication…pero,kever nalang!

  13. miaomiao

    Discrimination and judgmental attitudes are DEFINITELY sicknesses. Cure with open mindedness, and God’s good graces. Amen! 🙂

  14. on the point that gays live sinful lives i will probably agree – especially yung sex ng sex, left and right. yun talaga mali. pero yung nagmamahal sa kapwa lalaki lang naman ang kayong dalawa lang naman talaga, walang mali dun.

    also, the word “homosexual” did not exist during the time of jesus. it was the best substitute the bible translators could use in place of “men having sex with other men immorally”. the romans had male sex slaves then. and it became immoral when they would have sex with a different man’s sex slave. yun.

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