“I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is.”

Deadly Seven Pesos

Last week, I went to the gym after work, just my usual workout routine. I got so tired then so I decided to go home. I usually take Washington jeepney to Export Bank Plaza, and from there, take Mantrade jeepney to Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium.

I waved my hand to this Washington jeepney driver for him to see that I need a ride. I sat beside him (front seat). I had my earplugs on and very busy jamming with my cellphone, that I unintentionally forgot to pay for the fare. We reached Export Bank Plaza just a few minutes after, so it’s time for me to get off the jeepney. While I was walking along Pasong Tamo floating like an air, a jeepney cut me off, not recognizing that it was the same Washington jeepney I hitched in. The jeepney stopped, so I continued crossing the street. And suddenly, he moved his jeepney towards me on purpose! I felt a painful pressure on my left foot.

Me: What is your problem?!?!?
Driver: You didn’t pay for the fare!
Me: Ok, sorry! But you don’t have to hit me just for PHP7.00!
Driver: You’re so busy with your cellphone!
Me: Here is your PHP7.00! Eat those!

I admit that it was really my fault that I forgot to pay, but I don’t deserve to die just because of PHP7.00! Argh! My left foot was suffering for three days, but it’s bearable, I can still walk normally. I was very thankful that going to the hospital wasn’t necessary. Whew!

Now I know that seven pesos can also kill.

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Moved Out, Moved In

My Mom and I had a terrible fight last month. So I decided to move out from our house and moved in to my bestfriend’s place in Cityland Pasong Tamo Condominium, just a few steps away from our Alma Mater. Actually, I was really planning to move out sooner or later and experience the life of being a bachelor. But I don’t want it this way, leaving our house with such emotional baggage.

At first, I thought it would be that easy for me to adjust, but it’s not. I have sleepless nights and usually ended up crying. I miss our house and my family, especially my brother Marvin. I’ve had been sharing the room with him for years, and he is the one that I can comfortably talk with in the family regarding my sexuality, angsts, and opinions.

I’m also having a hard time coping with this self-governing life. Of course, there are things now I have to look onto… the rent, utilities, laundry, and food. At home, the food is ready and I can eat right away. And I just have to put my used clothes in the laundry basket and after a day or two, they’re in my closet again. But now, I have to cook first before I can eat, and I have to pay for laundry services every now and then.

I can really say now that life ain’t easy.

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Many would want to know what happened to me and Buttercup. So here it is.

Buttercup and I went out for a month and a half… dinner, coffee, movie, and even drinking sessions. We really had fun being with each other. But to my disappointment, he told me that he is not ready to enter a new relationship. Moreover, we think different about relationships, life, and how the world works. So we ended up as friends, and I believe that would be better than pushing it for more since we both are enjoying each other’s company.

Well, the world is changing… who knows…

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Pick Me Up Buttercup

Last March 31, 2007, It was Henry Lim’s (bar owner) birthday celebration at Government dubbed “Mother Wears Prada”. Me together with Arnold, Ferdie, Franciz, and Nephi planned to attend this big event. We were supposed to meet at McDonalds Pasong Tamo around 11:00PM. But surprisingly, I wasn’t able to get a cab, all with passengers, considering it’s already late… and heavy traffic. Gosh!

Anyway, upon waiting for an empty cab, a car pulled over before me. The window opened slowly and saw this cute guy with nice eyes and stubble hair. Let’s call him “Buttercup”.

Buttercup: Hey, are you going to Malate?
Me: Uhm, no, not really, I’ll be going to Government.
Buttercup: Oh ok. Thought we’re heading the same way and can offer you a ride.
Me: Thanks. But I’ll be out of your way…
Buttercup: Alright. Bye.

His car started to move forward. I hate it. I didn’t even get his number. Stupid me. But… I saw his car moving backwards and trying to get back where I am.

Me: Thought you’ll be going to Malate?
Buttercup: Get in…
Me: Government?
Buttercup: Yeah, I’ll drop you by there.
Me: Really? Thanks!

We went to McDonalds Pasong Tamo to fetch my friends and then he dropped us by at Government. This time, I got his number before going out of his car. Whew!

Going back to Mother’s Birthday bash, we didn’t make it inside… super mega long line! Argh! We decided to chill out at W.G. Diner, just two blocks away from Government. After a few hours, we went to Synders Malate. I was able to meet Buttercup again with his friends. But we never had moments together since we were with our own group of friends.

Anyway, after Synders, Me and my friends went to Starbucks Adriatico and had some talk about relationship and stuffs. Then we continued at Tapa King Harbor View for breakfast. Imagine, we went home at around 9:00AM already! What a long night!

The following night, Franciz and Nephi sorta organized a drinking session at my place. Franciz invited his three former officemates from PeopleSupport, and of course, I invited Buttercup too. I was so happy when he came. So we were seven then.

The PeopleSupport people decided to call it a night at around 2:00AM, leaving us four in the room. Before we catch a short nap, Buttercup and I had some moments of kissing. Hehe. He went home at 4:30AM.

After that, I seldom receive a text message from him, or will reply after like 24 hours. So I didn’t make any much effort since then. It seems he’s not that interested in me.

But last Monday, I received a message from him asking me if I like him or not. I said I really do, but I don’t think he likes me too. He said he was just busy that time, and I wasn’t asking him out either. Anyway, the conversation went on and we had set a date last night at Greenbelt 3.

We had dinner at Kitchen and went to Krocodile Grill for a shot of Kurant 7. He drove me home at around 11:30PM. We kissed before going out of his car.

I really enjoyed the night with him. Though it was not a typical guy-to-guy date (Sex after date, I mean. Haha.), I had so much fun. I’m hoping it will not end here and would want to take this to the next level.

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Bear Cuddler No More

Bear Cuddler and I broke up two days ago because of different ideas and views in life. I don’t want to expound too much. But long story short, he has a lot of responsibilities to his family and he is determined to follow his sister in the United States. That makes me just the second priority. Still, I’ve tried my best to have him back, but to no avail.

He wanted to bring back the friendship we had before our second chance. But I really can’t… I won’t be able to move on if I still constantly communicate with him. I have to alienate myself first and time will tell when I can comfortably talk to him and regain our friendship.

The saddest part is he didn’t fight for our love and he can afford to lose me that easily. Sigh.

Two months ago, a headhunter invited me for an interview with an Australian insurance company. They were in need of Javascript programmers. Since I know how to do Javascripting, I sent my resume through e-mail and she scheduled me for an interview.

This insurance company is only a few minutes walk from my current office. So, I secretly went out and headed to my interview… a typical piracy scenario, Hehe. Anyway, the interview proper went well and didn’t take too long. Only a span of 30 minutes, I was already back in our office.

Their offer is 60% more than my current salary. Hmmm, tempting, isn’t it? Yet, the work that I will be dealing with is not web development anymore. As far as I know, they need Javascript programmers for their in-house reporting desktop tools. No more websites, and I love web design/development so much.

The next day, I received a message from the headhunter confirming that I passed the interview, and she was asking me to go back to her client for contract signing. I was happy upon reading the message, but not quite. Anyway, I made my resignation letter right away and gave it to the IT Manager. He was convincing me not to resign, and he will try to do something with my current low rate. A few days after, he confirmed that the top management already agreed with my salary increase and promotion.

From being an HTML Programmer for two years, I am now the Project Supervisor handling two newly hired HTML programmers. I assumed the position since February 1, 2007.

So, if you want salary increase or promotion, you might want to consider this. But be sure your current employer will do counter-offer. Everything is a risk.

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You are all invited to party with us at Club Government!!!

Puppy Love

Post Valentine’s Party for Young Pips!
February 15, 2007 Thursday 10PM

Just mention my name MARTIN GONZALES at the front door
to get in for FREE!!!

See you there!!!

Before 2006 ends…

Part I – Northern Adventure (December 1-3, 2006)

Matthew, Arnold, Jim, Brad, and I decided to spend the long weekend in Baguio. Too bad Henry and Vincent weren’t able to make it because of some duties and responsibilities they need to attend to. Anyway, we departed Manila Thursday night, and arrived in Baguio just after five and a half hours. Brrrr…. so cold!

We had a blast for 3 days and 2 nights of staying in Baguio. We went to Burnham Park, Session Road, Baguio Cathedral, Pizza Volante, SM Baguio, Baguio Market, Nevada Square, and Malebox in Irisan (Gay bar, hehe).

Part II – Sabiclub.com’s New Home (December 9, 2006)

Our company moved to a new, bigger, and better office space. From the well-known RCBC Plaza, we transferred to Aguirre Building, just a 2-storey commercial space along H.V. Dela Costa. Our new space is like three times bigger than we had before. We mobilized everything… computers, refrigerator, microwave, cabinets, sofa, etc. Anyway, after all the hard work, Sir Dong treated us to dinner at Ara, a Korean Restaurant nearby.

L-R: Me, Ricci, Cielle, Yssah, Cathy, Khel, Gilbert, Mon, Marvin, Joey, Rod

L-R: Jonard, Sir Dong, Lea, Derick, Benett, Jay, Mark

Part III – Italianis Experience (December 16, 2006)

Arnold, Esh, Henry, and I had dinner at Italianis GB2. So yummy yet expensive. Every bite counts, hehe.

Part IV – Sabiclub.com’s Christmas Party (December 22, 2006)

We had our Christmas Party at the Pool Area of Salcedo Park Condominium, just a few steps from our new office. Actually, I thought we won’t be having any Christmas Party since we just transferred to our new home and the management won’t have the time to organize a party for us. But luckily, they did. We had our dinner and followed by a series of games prepared by our very own Jane Chua. The night ended early for us four: Carlo, Yssah, Camille, and I. So we decided to spend the rest of the night at Seattle’s Best Coffee GB3. We went home at around 1:00AM.

L-R: Camille, Me, Yssah, Cielle, Ricci, Carlo

L-R: Yssah, Camille, Jane, Me, Cielle

L-R: Me, Yssah, Camille

Part V – Christmas Eve (December 24, 2006)

It was already 11:00PM when I started to prepare for Noche Buena. Our dinner table was filled with Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, Hotdog, Ham, and Fruit Salad. At 2:00AM, Vincent and I visited his friends Nelson and Dennis at their place in Evangelista, Makati. We went home at around 5:00AM.

Part VI – Christmas Day (December 25, 2006)

I woke up at around 12:00PM. It is a family custom for us to go to Mausoleum where my grandfather and grandmother (mother’s side) were buried on special occasions like this. We prayed for their souls and feasted the left-overs from our Noche Buena. At around 7:00PM, Vincent and I went to SM Mall of Asia to watch the movie “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” starred by Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. It is a perfect movie for couples. We went home afterwards.

Part VII – The Temple Visit (December 28, 2006)

This day is a special day for Vincent and I. We went to Temple GB2 and had some pasta and tofu. We strolled around Greenbelt and went home after an hour.

Part VIII – New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2006)

While waiting for the twelve O’Clock, I decided to open my cabinet and threw all the unnecessary since it is the last day of the year and we have to welcome the new year right. At around 2:00AM, Vincent and I went to Malate with his friends. We spend the rest of the night with them and went home by 7:00AM already.

Part IX – New Year’s Day (January 1, 2007)

Since we had our pictorial last year, Arnold, Henry, and I decided to do it again this year. But this time, Vincent joined us on our Brokeback Mountain experience. Hehe.

L-R: Henry, Vincent, Me, Arnold

L-R: Arnold, Vincent, Henry, Me

L-R: Arnold, Vincent, Me, Henry

L-R: Henry, Me, Arnold, Vincent

L-R: Henry, Me, Vincent, Arnold

L-R: Henry, Arnold, Me, Vincent

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During my senior year in college, I accidentally met Bear Cuddler along Pedro Gil, just a few meters away from our house. We stared into each other’s angelic eyes followed by exchanging numbers. After dating for two weeks, we call it a relationship. Though we had not so good memories, I still do cherish every moment with him. We broke up after a year and a half. It was the longest relationship I had with guys.

A few months after the break up until today, Bear Cuddler was very persistent to win me back. Though I really do want to be with him again, but I can’t. It was because of my unrelenting superbia, and besides, I do have a partner every time he tried. It came to a point that I was totally avoiding him for not to make any arguments with my current that time.

Gradually, we became friends again. We oftentimes see each other in the gym, go out once in a while, and share lovelife problem. Thus, we became one another’s shoulder.

Then last month, it just came across my mind to give our relationship a second chance. Why not? I’m single and I believe that two years of living our lives separately is enough to be mature and to learn from our mistakes. So I gave in to the idea.

However, giving our relationship a second chance means sacrificing our newly established friendship. Risk is everywhere, so why not take the chances? Fighting for it was the very right thing to do. We decided to continue what we had two years ago. Who knows, he might be the guy I’m really looking for.

I love my Bear Cuddler. Muah.

Getting Married

Last December 21, 2006, I attended Cathy’s wedding reception at Diamond Hotel with my fellow officemates. I thought we will be missing her special day since we had a problem with our ride. But surprisingly, we arrived like 10 minutes before the event proper. Thank God!

Anyway, the wedding reception was outstanding. Scrumptious food, smashing music from the Groom’s band, and perfect ambiance. Of course, the wedding reception won’t be complete without the first dance, the pigeons, the bouquet, the garter, and the cake. After all those mushy scenes and phrases, it made me wonder… Will I be having a day like this? Though we all know that gay marriage is not legal and recognized in most countries, I’m still wishing that someday will also be my special day with the guy I want to be with forever. Sigh.

L-R: Jane, Yssah, Cielle, Cathy (Bride), Eli (Groom), Me, Khel

L-R: Khel, Yssah, Cathy (Bride), Jane, Me

L-R: Khel, Cielle, Yssah, Jane, Me