“Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, bading din pala ang iyong karelasyon.”

Alpha and Omega

While on our way home from Ayala Alabang with our father, I saw these two weird nature panorama… one reveals life, but the other one screams death.

Alpha: Rainbow
Omega: Dead Tree

Father Friday

Since last friday was a non-working holiday, my siblings and I went to visit our father at my aunt’s place in Ayala Alabang and our late grandmother buried under St. James Parish. With us was Danise, my brother’s girlfriend. My father prepared Pancit Canton, Barbeque, Grilled Steak, and Lechong Paksiw for lunch. Then we visited Lola Letty and offered a prayer. It was wonderful to start the long weekend with a person who you don’t see often.

L-R: Papa, Danise, Marvin, Melvin

Lovers In Padis

November 3, Thursday, the last working day for the week since PGMA declared the next day as non-working holiday. After more than an hour of deliberating where to go after work, me and my officemates finally decided to go to Padis Point Antipolo. Yes, you got it right, a long road trip to Antipolo. Hehe!

Lovers in Padis: Me (Martin), Ace (Vivian), Vench (Carlo)
L-R: Jane, Ace, Jonard, Vench, Me

Wednesday morning. My Mom and I took a cab together going to our respective offices. But to my surprise, the name of the cab is… “DARNA”. Manong the Driver made my day. Hehe!

Darna Taxi

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HellBall 2 Poster

Me at the Entrance

Rodney and I decided to attend the much awaited Halloween party of the Pink Society. We somehow made an effort to at least decorate our faces as our costume. We had a little of cake white powder (what Geishas put on to their faces), a maroon lipstick, an eyeliner, and a silver hair mascara. We went to Government at around 1:30AM. We’re lucky to witness the Halloween Costume Contest.

But for some reasons, we had a little misunderstanding. I never thought it can be vicious and turned out to be a very big mess. We just stayed there for about an hour. Then, I dropped him off to his office. Sigh.

I’ve been very busy for the past two months. I didn’t have time to fix and update my blog, which is slowly crawling to its near death experience. Now, my blog will unite with the departed souls as they rise from their sepulchers this halloween.

Happy Halloween to all!

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Oh my! I can’t stand it anymore! Aside from my regular work, I’m currently programming a college thesis from my Alma Mater. I swear, it’s definitely eating a lot of my time. Since then, I seldom go to gym and I can’t even update this blog! That is the downside of having a sideline. Sigh.

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4th Saturday of August. Nice, no half-day work. Rodney and I went to Fitness First ABS-CBN and attended the Body Combat class. Then after, he suggested to have our lunch at Cafea near the TV station. This is one of his all-time favorite resto in the metro.

Pinoy Big Brother House

Me with Pinoy Big Brother House

Cookies 'n' Cream Delight

But along the way walking at the side of ELJ building, we spotted a colorful residence. It was Pinoy Big Brother house! Oh my! This is it! I grabbed my phone and took a picture! So now we know how superb it is. Then we had our lunch. I ordered classic pesto, iced tea, and cookies ‘n’ cream delight — a very tall glass containing iced coffee, ice cream, whip cream, oreo, and stick-0. I intentionally let my Motorola E398 stand before it to see how tall it really was.

We called it a day and went home. It’s nice to have a sudden glimpse before Big Brother’s doors.

After work.

Leaned back. Relaxed. Took a deep breath. Surfed to the max! Haha! Since it’s only Day 3 of Pinoy Big Brother, I visit their official website regularly. Click here, Click there. Read the forums and posted some. Then there’s a Video section where you can watch the live stream. Unfortunately, it’s not for free. You have to subscribe first to ABS-CBN NOW service, which will cost you a lot. Sigh. Anyway, I still tried. Oh my! It did get through without paying! Free!!! Vench, Ma’am Ace, and I stayed in the office and watched the live stream until 9:00PM. Haha! PBB Addicts! So we went home and watch PBB Primetime Episode on television.

Next morning. I woke up. Excited to watch the live stream at the office again. But no, when i tried to get through, it now prompts for the license to view the stream (Windows Media Player, Digital Rights Management or DRM). Sigh. It was just a sudden glimpse behind Big Brother’s doors.


Me and Uma

Do we look good together? Don’t we? Hehe!

Note: This picture was photo manipulated using Adobe Photoshop CS.