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As you all know, I haven’t been blogging a lot lately due to busy schedule. But today, I got a surprise for everyone who loves gay literature like me. I bring you Wyatt O’Brian Evans, the author of the just released gay-themed novel titled “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart: Uncensored”.

Wyatt is also journalist whose bylines have appeared in newspapers including the Washington Post, Washington Blade, and Prince George’s County, Maryland Journal, and American Politics and Metropolitan Washington magazines. His work also has been prominently featured in multimedia editions of QBliss and many on-line publications including Bilerico, GBMNews, and Imperious Entertainment.

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart: Uncensored

Nothing Can Tear Us Apart: Uncensored

Martin Gonzales: What are your writing/journalism credentials?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: I’ve been a writer consultant for government and the private sector. And, I’ve written for print and on-line publications, including the Washington Post, The Maryland Journal, American Politics, QBliss, Bilerico, Imperious Entertainment. I’ve written in-depth, popular and influential series on racism and domestic violence in the LGBT community. Currently, I’m writing an in-depth series on Black LGBT depression. Later this year, in conjunction with QBliss, a well-respected news and lifestyle publication for the LGBT community and its allies, I’ll be conducting national workshops on racism and domestic violence in the LGBT community, as well as Black LGBT depression.

Martin Gonzales: What are your credentials as an entertainer?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: Well, I’m an actor, comedian, and voice-over instructor/talent. As an actor, I’ve appeared in industrials and training films for federal/state government and organizations. I’ve also done television commercials. Also, I had the lead role in “New Detectives,” the long-running Discovery Channel series. I portrayed David Middleton, the real-life former police officer turned serial killer who terrorized Reno Nevada. The episode was entitled “Traces of Guilt,” which became one of the most-watched episodes of the New Detective series, and was repeated on numerous occasions. Let me tell you a funny story about it: When my character was arrested, they put me in this orange jumpsuit. It was about two sizes too small, they didn’t have time to get me another one, and I had to suck my gut in for the scene. That was torture! And my last scene was after my character killed a victim—all the victims were women. My character would strangle them, and stuff them in garbage bags. The last seconds of that scene was me tying the bag, looking absolutely crazed and maniacal! When my episode aired, my phone rang off the hook!

People said, “Wyatt, you were one crazy-lookin’ mufuker! You looked just like a loon!” That made me proud, because I’d done my job. As a comedian, I graduated from the prestigious American Comedy Institute in Manhattan. Yes, there’s actually a college for comics! It was a great experience—I learned technique, how to build materials, ways to handle an audience, etc. I’ve performed in clubs across the country (Caroline’s, Comedy Cellar, Headliners) and in the Caribbean. I was a semi-finalist in a HBO comedy competition. I’m a voice-over instructor. As a voice-over talent/actor, I’ve performed narrations for federal government and companies. As a voice-over talent/actor, my most rewarding accomplishment is having done radio spots for Secretary of State Colin Powell’s “America’s Promise” organization. He’s an awesome man!I’m also a public speaker. I’ve given talks and seminars on a variety of subjects and issues including “How to Make it in Voice-Overs,” “Successful Self-Publishing,” “The Ten Commandments of Romance—How to Maintain a Dynamic, Fulfilling Relationship;” “Racism, domestic violence, and depression in the LGBT community.” I’m also an entrepreneur, having creating NAIR’BO UNIVERSAL, a publishing/production house.

Martin Gonzales: What motivated you to write Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: I wanted to tell the fresh, unique and inspiring story of two accomplished, openly gay, masculine men of color—Wesley, who’s African-American, Antonio (‘Tonio), who’s Latino—who are strong in their own right– but have certain vulnerabilities– who forge, sustain and then nurture a monogamous relationship no matter what the odds. I wanted to demonstrate that two masculine men of color could indeed be truly loving and romantic.

Wyatt O'Brian Evans

Wyatt O’Brian Evans

Martin Gonzales: What’s the novel all about?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: Well, Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored has as its protagonists Wesley (African-American) and Antonio (‘Tonio)–Latino, two accomplished, openly gay, masculine, upwardly mobile men of color. Wes is 44, ‘Tonio’s 30, so there’s some age difference to make it interesting. The story is set in the present time, in the metro Washington area. Wes is a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur, who hires ‘Tonio—who’s deliciously (and I do mean deliciously) muscular as his Chief of Security. When they first meet, it’s like KA-KA-KA-BLAM!!!!!!! The chemistry is instantaneous, totally off the hook. But neither one acts on the attraction, because they failed in the relationship department before. And they wonder if they should mix “bizness with pleasure,” if you will. But after getting to know each other well on so many different levels, they can’t help but to fall in love. However, they still have problems admitting it. But eventually they do, and they forge a monogamous relationship. Now that’s a provocative, HAWT scene! You see, I wanted a “slow burn”—no sex between them occurs until they pledge their love for one another. I wanted to show these two guys falling into love, NOT lust. However, Wes and ‘Tonio must confront internal issues and outside forces that throw their monogamous relationship in serious jeopardy. And then, things get totally out of control and ‘Tonio physically batters Wes. The novel addresses and examines various issues/themes including partner abuse, the DL, and ethnic/racial tensions between African-Americans and Latinos.

Martin Gonzales: Describe each character a bit.

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: Well, Wesley is a tough, but fair businessman. He’s fun loving, can be generous to a fault; can wear his heart on his sleeve. Generally is an effective communicator, and does so thru his words. He’s gun-shy in the love department, having had failed relationships.
‘Tonio is the protector; very protective of those he loves. He’s a fairly good communicator, but holds his feelings close to the vest a bit. He communicates a little more thru actions than words. I’d say that generally, both men are emotionally available. However, ‘Tonio’s afraid of being abandoned. As the reader will see, this plays into a major mistake he makes with Wes, which seriously jeopardizes their relationship.

Martin Gonzales: Why do you believe it will resonate well with a broad audience?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: Nothing Can Tear Us Apart—Uncensored is a thought-provoking, timely story, with universal appeal. Men and women, straight, gay, bisexual, etc., alike can embrace and relate to the story of Wes, ‘Tonio, and the other characters of my novel.

Martin Gonzales: Which character, Wesley or Antonio, are you most like? Or, are they both part of you?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: I have pieces of both inside of me. I won’t give away which character I’m most like.

Martin Gonzales: Why erotica?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: I’m an earthy, REAL guy, and wanted to celebrate the love—emotional and physically intimate—of these two men. I wanted realism. Therefore, I’ve crafted and weaved an extraordinary story that is highly relatable and has universal appeal; it has a strong core/foundation, with vibrant characterization. The erotic scenes—which are quite tasteful—are simply the icing on the cake.

Martin Gonzales: What’s next, in the pipeline?

Wyatt O’Brian Evans: Just finished a novella, short fiction, called “Sinnin’ in Tha Citay.” Also am working on another full-length novel, which has a faster pace than NCTUA—UN. Also working on the sequel to NOTHING. Am considering a non-fiction self-help tome, which will be more relatable and accessible than what’s been done before. As I stated earlier, this fall, in conjunction with QBLISS, I’ll be conducting national workshops/seminars on LGBT racism and domestic violence, and Black LGBT depression.

So there you have it! I’m sure you’re all excited to grab a copy of this novel, so am I!
You may purchase it online through Nothing Can Tear Us Apart: Uncensored home page.

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