“Wala nang hihigit pa sa malansang isda, kundi ang isang balahurang bakla.”

Our sister company Station 168 Internet celebrated its 5th year last Friday in Azzurro Restaurant, 2/L Sommerset Millennium Building, 104 Aguirre St., Legaspi Vill., Makati City. It was organized by our very own Jane Chua and hosted by Ayan Deato. Cheers to our big boss Dong Hun Lee!

Sabiclub and IPVG

Me with Ayan on stage

Ace, Me, Vench

L-R: Me, Jane, Vench, Ace

L-R: Jane, Ace, Vench, Ayan, Me

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5 Comments to “ Happy 5th Anniversary Station 168 Internet! ”

  1. hey thanks for ur message on my blog… i’ll add ur site to mine if that’s ok. Btw I really had fun hosting your event. 🙂

  2. btw i know your friend jones… we used to work together back in etelecare.

  3. really? small world! Hehe! Eniwei, I’m gonna add your site as well. Hope you can hang out with us (jones and others) soon… Ciao! 😉

  4. Johnny Yap

    Hello Martin,

    How can I contact Station168 by email? These two emails ( franchise@station168.com, info@station168.com) are invalid, because I received bounced emails.

    I am Johnny Yap here, from software development company in Malaysia. I would like to introduce one software to internet cafe industry in Philipines.

    Can you provide me the email of Station 168? Whom should I look for?

  5. Hi Johnny,

    I am not connected anymore with Station168 / Sabiclub for a year already. I’m not sure about their current email, but if you want, you may call Sabiclub (Station168’s umbrella company where I used to work with before) at +632-8136168 or email info@sabiclub.com.

    Hope it helps.

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