“Closets are for clothes.”

Circles and Chains

I met this Beachbum Guy in Puerto Galera with his friend Smart-looking Guy last April. Apparently, I became Beachbum Guy’s nurse during that night. He was so drunk and threw up many times. Hehe.

Two weeks after, I met this Dog Tag Guy through my old friend Spinner Guy. And surprisingly, Beachbum Guy met Dog Tag Guy through his friend Smart-looking Guy two weeks after I met Dog Tag Guy.

But wait, there’s more. I met this Acoustic Guy in Greenbelt 3 last Sunday through an online friend Harry Potter, only to know that Acoustic Guy and Smart-looking Guy crossed their paths a couple of months ago. I went to Acoustic Guy’s set last night and didn’t have the chance to get any sleep yet.

I just realized how small our world can be that we can draw circles around it and link those broken chains.

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One Comment to “ Circles and Chains ”

  1. Mr. Scheez

    The gay community in the Philippines, especially in Manila, is so small. Kaya nga kapag me ginawa ang isang PLU na kalokohan sa isa pang PLU tiyak na tiyak magkikita sila ulit. Hehehe =)

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