“Aanhin mo pa ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.”

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I was really shocked upon receiving these photos through a forwarded e-mail. Whether these pictures are true or not, still, it proves that digital photo editing is so powerful. Right? Nevertheless, I still admire Angelica’s face. Disclaimer: The sole purpose of uploading these pictures in this website is to show what digital photo editing can […]

Yes, at last. Joel Donato Jacob, the Content Manager of Fabuloush.com, replied to my complaint against “jamirchua”. But for security purposes, he will be needing to verify my identity first before making any action. Thus, he is requesting if I can meet him in person, or have a scheduled webcam. So be it. I borrowed […]

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Fabuloush.com is the newest and Philippine based GLBT community site. I created an account last November 22, 2005. But just after 3 days, someone stole my picture and use it in his profile. The account’s name is “jamirchua”. Some people I personally know frequently see him logged in to Fab Chat. If you happen to […]

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Do we look good together? Don’t we? Hehe! Note: This picture was photo manipulated using Adobe Photoshop CS.

I just wanna share my self-edited music video way back in college. The BCIS (Bedan Computer Information Society) obliged each computer class to have a digital presentation for the opening of its Computer Week 2K3. It can be done with Powerpoint, Flash, 3D Graphics or Video Editing. Powerpoint? nah, too lame for a 4th year […]

Michael and I were meant to be together. Tumira sa iisang komunidad sa Butuan, magkaeskuwela mula prep school hanggang kolehiyo, lumaki na pareho ang barkada, nagsosyo sa bawat stick ng yosi at sa bawat piraso ng french bread, pan de sal, at pan de coco, at kung minsan sa bawat bilog, lapad, at cuatro cantos. […]